All About Me!

1. I have 3 cats.
2. I have an older sister.
3. I dyed the tips of my hair.
4. I have a lot of sweatshirts.
5. I have very long hair.
6. I am a girl.
7. I am a 6th grader.
8. I love to take photos.
9. I love to draw.
10. I love to play video games.
11. I don’t play any sports.
12. I love to dance.
13.I have gone to Hawaii twice.
14. I have glasses.
15. I can’t bake at all.
16. I am a tomboy.
17. I’m addicted to chocolate milk.
18. I have a blue/gray eye color.
19. I am not a morning person.
20. I am not a fast reader.

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