Hi guys! I haven’t done a normal blog in what feels like forever! In my english class usually for every month we do a different type of writing that has to be posted by Friday. I try to make sure I have enough of whatever type of writing we are doing that month. I get so distracted by writing and planning that I don’t even tell stories and post when I feel like it! For the month of April our type of writing was poetry! I really loved to rhyme and thinking about what to make the poems about. I got so caught up in poems that I may or may not have poetry scheduled to go up until June…..hope you like poetry! I have it scheduled so every Friday a new poem will be posted! I have it scheduled like that until June. But don’t worry that’s not all that will be posted every week! I will try to post stories and updates as soon as possible! Well, hope you enjoyed! Student signing out! <3

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