I love my food
Food puts me in a good mood

When I’m feeling down
I go to the store in to town

When I go pick up my food
It changes my attitude

Food never leave me
because then I will be the happiest I can be

One thought on “Food”

  1. I am a teacher/writer/poet in Denver. I saw your blogs on the “Sharing Our Notebooks” site. Next year, I will be teaching sixth grade writing. I want some examples of kids’ blogs to share with my students so when I saw your work today, I came over to check it out. Thanks so much for being willing to share. Like you, I love, love, love food. And yes, it definitely puts me in a good mood. If I were going to write a food poem, I would write about hamburgers, or maybe ice cream. Those are foods that put me in a good mood!

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