I want a pet
But I haven’t found one yet

There’s no perfect one
The stress to choose one is a ton

There are cats
But most of them are fat

There are dogs
But i’d have to walk it in the smog

There are bunnies
But their teeth are kind of funny

Maybe I shouldn’t choose one yet
But soon i’ll find the perfect pet


So one of my BEST FRIENDS Sharpies, Pens, and everything else is having a birthday! April 20th!! So A little Dream and I decided to surprise her. Yesterday I went to little Dream’s house with a bag of jolly ranchers!! At her house we made a birthday poem and got a tiny box filled with jolly ranchers! So then today before our 5-6 block started, A Little Dream stopped by my locker with the poem and present. We have English with Sharpies, Pen, and everything else so we thought this would be the perfect time to give her her present and poem! When she walked in the door we waited a little bit to give Sharpies, Pens, and everything else her gifts. Then…WE STRIKE! We give her, her poem and gifts and I record her reaction. Afterwards she gives us a big hug!! So, Sharpies, Pens, and Everything else if your reading this we love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Shy Girl

There once lived a shy girl
Human interaction made her want to hurl

She wore a hoodie all the time
She wouldn’t talk, not even the word fine

One day she put her hoodie down
She walked tall smiling down town

From there on she never let anything get her down!

Name Poem

Hello my name is Gabi
and I have a grey tabby

He is a cat
And he’s super fat

I love my video games
But when I lose I go insane

I spend a lot of time on the computer
And I’m little bit of a sore loser

My name is Gabi
And I don’t think this ending is to shabby


You can find anything in a book
Some are about how to cook

Books can have photos
They make you scream oh no!

It’s up to your mind
To think of wonders you can find

So pick up a book
It will open your eyes
Just a tiny look


Everyone deserves to be loved
People represent that with a dove

Love can be anywhere
Love is spread through the air

Love can be red and pink
You might miss it if you blink

Through thick and thin
Love is anywhere if you just listen in


I will always love the sunshine
it will always brings me a fun time

So fuzzy and warm
Deciding where to go makes me torn

Sunshine you come at the best time
Sunshine you will always be mine