School Walkout <3

So today there was something going on in our school where you just walk out of class. But don’t worry it was for a good cause, so it wasn’t just leaving because you wanted too. Some people may think that it’s bad to do that be me, and other people, think it’s actually a really nice gesture. Because to me I think it represents peace and that you care for the families that have lost someone in the shooting. If you don’t know what the walkout is it is where you walk out of your class around 10:00 am to the front of the school and sit there for 17 minutes. Each minute represents a family who lost someone in the school shooting. People did it today, March 14th, because it has been exactly 1 month to this day, from the school shooting. But because you are walking out of your classroom and are going to be gone for 17 minutes it’s against school rules. And usually when you break school rules there are consequences. Now like I said before I think it’s a way to show you care, so personally I don’t think there should be consequences for trying to show respect and that you care for the families that lost somebody in this shooting. But you are leaving you class and interrupting it…so i guess rules are rules (>:3). I don’t want to go into details about the shooting because 1. It’s can be disrespectful and 2. Because for all I know I could be totally wrong and don’t want to start anything. Now personally I did want to do the walk but I knew there would be consequences so I didn’t. But I was REALLY tempted to go, believe me! But I did know some people that were in the front of the school and they are so, so brave. Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student Signing Out! <3


Decorating is probably one of my most favorite things to do! I love it so much I want to incorporate it into my job when i’m older! When or if we paint our rooms you obviously have to take everything out of that room. Or atleast move it off the walls out of its place. So that means after your done painting and it’s dry you can put stuff in a different place and change it up a little bit! Or you can go shopping for stuff that now fits the new color of your room, which is also really fun to do. Say you put your bed frame down and everything like that, then it’s time to decorate! I love to decorate because when I have a blank room and then I get to put stuff in it the way I like it and think it’s cute it just makes me feel so happy! I love to put books on shelves and get decorative pillows for couches and beds because I think it makes the place way more homey and comfortable. I also love to make color schemes like for example having a nude color wall for main parts of the house except for bed rooms but other small rooms like a laundry room should be a color that can fit with nude like white or greys, unless it’s a kids room. Then you could have a light colored wood floor so then your house can reflect the light so it’s not so dark. Have some nice small circular lights in the ceiling and for more noticable rooms like the dining room or kitchen you could have a small chain for hanging lights. Throw in some carpet in the bedrooms and upstairs, maybe even in the living room. And believe me I could go on and on and on! FOREVERRR!!! And I think that shows how complicated I could get when it come to decorating. So before I start getting ahead of myself i’m going to end it here! Well, I enjoying writing and hope you enjoyed reading! student signing out! <3

I Missed The Bus -.-

So in one of my earlier posts I said that I’ve never missed that bus before…So I guess I jinxed myself. I missed the bus today because it’s daylight savings! My alarm is on my clock, not on my phone, so when our clocks were set forward it messed up my alarm! So I woke up at 7:00 because that’s when I usually do but daylight savings confused me. So I thought that it was actually 6:00 but since time springed forwards my clock said 7:00 so me being me thought that meant I could sleep in until 8:00. And also through out the night I had a terrible headache! So I was up at 2:00am with a really bad headache that made me want to cry. Since I couldn’t go back to sleep I went downstairs to the kitchen and got some Advil. But since it was 2:00 in the morning no one was awake so when I was getting out a Advil tablet I guess it was really loud and I woke my mom up. I thought that I was being really quiet but I guess my moms just a REALLY light sleeper because no one else was awake. And also my parents room was on the opposite side that I was on! Anyways my mom asked me what’s wrong and I told her my head hurt and that I had been up just lying in bed for an hour with my headache. So what she did is she has some essential oils that can help with headaches. And so she got out the peppermint oil and put it on my forehead. So then we both went back to bed. But anyways I was really tired this morning so that’s why I told myself I could sleep in for a little longer. I’ve also made a blog about that, having bad decisions in the morning! But then I went downstairs and eat breakfast. And while I was making my lunch my dad said, “Gabi? What are you doing here it’s 8:20 you should have left 20 minutes ago.” And I was in shock! I wasn’t late my dad drove me to school and I was in my class by the time the bell rang. But I was scared the whole time! Well, I had fun writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3

What It’s Like To Have Contacts

So I wear contacts but sometimes it’s not the funnest thing to do. I don’t really wear my contacts because the only reason I would put them in is the go to school. I’ve had them for a year but I don’t put them in very often so I’m not a pro at it. I don’t wear them much just because I only have to put them in for school and obviously to go to school you have to get up early and the contacts are really cold because they’re sitting in this solution water stuff that’s good for your eyes. So in the morning I am too tired to be putting this freezing cold thing in my eye. I am grumpy in the morning so really the cold water of the contacts is really the only thing that’s stopping me from wearing them every single day! I like being able to see my face without my glasses! Also the contacts are just a tiny bit stronger so that helps me see better than my but again back to the cold water problem. But maybe I can just try and see how it goes. Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3

Slime :3

So i’m one of those people who are addicted to making slime. And I bet you if you don’t make slime then you were probably just thinking in your head, “oh wow she is one of those people.” But seriously it’s actually kind of fun and addicting and if you haven’t made slime before then I would try. It’s also a really good stress reliever just to put that out there. But if you don’t know what slime is it’s basically harden glued to the point where it’s kind a gooey but it doesn’t get on your hands. There’s all different sizes, colors, and types of slimes. like there is a type of slime that has little white beads in it and that’s a really good stress reliever because it feels nice in your hands. Some people even make videos kind of showing off their slime but they don’t talk so you can just hear the noises of the slime and it’s really calming. So I think I’m addicted to slime and I don’t care to admit it! Well I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! student signing out. <3

The Struggle Of Glasses!

Having glasses are harder than you think. Some people think glasses are easy and simple. But it’s really not! You walk up and put on your glasses exactly where you put them last night, right? WRONG! I’m basically blind without my glasses so i’ll put them down somewhere and in the morning -since I can’t see- I can’t find them. So i’ll go downstair and tell my parents I can’t find them and they’ll walk up to my room and get them off my desk. I always put my glasses on my desk but in the morning I always forget that! Also not to mention it’s March but it’s still cold! So i’ll walk out of my nice warm house into the cold and my glasses will almost instantly start to fog up! And it’s so annoying because I have to wait until my glasses adjust to the temperature for them to de-fog. Those are some of the main things but there are little things that still bother me. Like for instants when people want to try on my glasses and touch the lenses so then they get all dirty and I have to clean it. Or if someone takes my glasses off my face without telling me. And the thing that annoys me the most is when people say, “wow you have really bad eyesight.” That makes me so mad! I literally think, “oh really? I have had glasses since I was eight and I never noticed. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention that I have bad eyesight. I will praise you dear person.” I feel like people should know if someone has glasses then they would definitely know if they have bad eyesight or not! Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! student signing out! <3

Don’t Ask Artist’s This!

So in case you didn’t know, I love to draw! I’m like that shy person in the back of the class that listens but then sometimes will zone out and draw on their paper. Yep, i’m an introvert! Some people may just know me as “The Art Kid”. Which I really don’t care being called that, I know some people might not like that though. But since people know I like art the most common question I get is, “You like art? Can you draw me?” And when people ask me that I respond with with same thing, “I would but i’m not really good at realistic drawings and don’t want to offend anyone.” and half of the time they respond with, “Oh, that’s ok………you can draw me in your style!” JVBKDHIUTHBU LIKE AAUHHHUH WHAT!? WHY!? I’M TRYING TO BE NICE HERE JUST-EHHHH!! When I say I don’t want to offend anyone I really don’t want to but at the same time it’s just a nice and friendly way to say no! Sorry but i’m not wasting my time for something I know for a fact your going to throw away! But the real question is, why is this a common question people ask so oftenly? Seriously, why? Do people think we are magicians? Do they think we’re saying, “Ahhh! Step right up ladies and gents come over to my desk where I personally can draw draw you! And guess what after you sign up you can just walk away and expect me to remember your face! So come now during class!” I also say no because usually people ask me the DURING class. I used to actually say yes when people would ask me to draw them but after I would say yes they would thank me then walk off…It’s common sense if you want someone to draw YOU then they would have to look at you and keep looking at you until their done! So you don’t just WALK OFF! Ah this feels nice to get off my chest. Also sometime it’s people I don’t even know and I just think to myself, “W-what? How do you know my name? And why do you think I would draw you? Do I smell lucky charms?” So moral of the blog, don’t ask people to draw you. Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3

When we Got Our Kittens

When we got our cats we were soooo excited! I’m surprised our parents even trusted us with cats. When I was born I already had Chico with me, he’s 15 currently. But when we got the kittens I was 8 and sister was 12. We both got a cat. A small black cat, that was a girl. And a grey tabby cat, who was a boy. My sister got the girl and I got the boy. My sister cat was named Cricket and mine was named Collin. Cricket was a very shy cat and Collin was a very loud, friendly cat. We got Collin and Cricket because Brooke and I both liked them and they were in the same cage together. They were both found in the “wild”, aka on the streets. We think Cricket was abused by her former owners and that’s why she’s so shy and only likes to hang around my sister. Cricket runs away from a lot of people, and things. When we first got the kittens we kept them in my sisters bathroom while we were there. Since we already had Chico we wanted to make sure the kittens could get used to our upstairs of the house before they met Chico. When we made the cats introduce we did it very slowly. First we let Collin and Chico introduce because Collin was more friendly. Then we did Cricket and Chico. Because Chico’s older he didn’t really care. Sometimes the kittens would annoying him and chase him but that was really it. He never hissed or pawed(hit) them. And that’s definitely a good sign! Well I enjoying writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3

Weird Names I Call Animals!

I absolutely LOVE animals! Almost all animals, I said Almost. Snakes are a no, just no. There danger noodles. And I don’t like danger. Sure I like noodles but the word danger…If we go anywhere and there’s a sign or someone says, “Hey, watch out for snakes,” I’ll just leave, seriously i’ll just walk away. Danger noodles are definitely not my type. Those noodles can KILL people! And the way they can blend in and just sneak up on you just like the little danger noodles they are, just gives me jitters. I sometimes call them nope ropes because if I see and or hear one it’s just, nope, im out, bye bye! And it’s not just danger noodles I hate. I also am not a big fan of seagulls, octopus, killer whales, bears, and raccoons. That’s all, some other animals i’m ok with. And that’s why in the beginning I said almost all animals. But since i’m weird I don’t just call them by their name, oh no no no no noooo. I’m going to go through the list of the names I call them and why i’m not a big fan of them. So first we have our lovely beach chicken. And once when I was five we were at the beach and one took my sandwich out of nowhere! I was hungry after that…THANKS A LOT BEACH CHICKEN! Also if you haven’t noticed yet I am going in order that I named them. So next we have our floppy floppy sea spider. And those are just terrifying because they’re in the ocean and their very big and with all there 8 tentacles that’s not a nice spider I don’t like spiders in the first place. I don’t have a story to tell about this one because thankfully I have never ran into one. Next on my list is a panda whale. Its original name is killer whale so there’s not much explaining to do considering it has the word killer in its name. I also haven’t seen that before in real life so praise the genies! Then we have a danger floof. Rather than saying Brambleton middle school I should just say floof middle school. I’m gonna stick with that. I mean technically considering I go to school almost every day I could say that I ran into a danger floof before. Then last but not least my favorite, the trash panda. Again I’ve never seen one but they go through your trash! I don’t want to clean up their mess which was technically my mess but they made it a mess again! If that even makes since…I just hope I never run into to anything on this list, ever! Well I enjoyed writing and I hope you enjoyed reading! student signing out! <3

Cartoon Trivia.

I bet as a kid you probably watched a lot of TV. Well, the other day my sister and I were watching some YouTube videos. Then we came across a video titled, “2000’s Cartoon Theme Song Trivia.” And my sister and I being the people we are clicked on it. And my goodness there were so many theme songs I haven’t heard in a LONG time. It was so nostalgic! We heard theme songs like, “Barney, The Mighty Bee, Kick Patawski, Spongebob, Peep And The Big Wide World.” And I could go on and on. To me I love that feeling being able to remember really old shows and remember loving them and watching them every single day! But now a lot of the kid shows I used to watch have all been stopped and never come on anymore…or they get turned into memes. Watching those shows were my life! Begging my mom to stop watching Wendy Williams so I could watch Johnny Test. My sister and I were so addicted to that show that we knew the whole theme song and we named our elf on the shelf Johnny. My sister and I knew a lot of theme songs when we watched the video. The point of the video was to watch the video play a theme song for 15 seconds with a black screen and you would have to guess the theme song in those 15 seconds. After the 15 seconds were up it would show you what the show was. My sister and I knew so many to the point where we were singing with the theme songs! We sang to, “Scooby Doo, Spongebob, Johnny Test, Jimmy Neutron, Fairly Oddparents, Kim Possible, Ed Edd N Eddy, Chowder.” And soooo many more! Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3