Moving away from your home is absolutely HEARTBREAKING!! I mean, you probably grew up in that house! And then having to let it go! I mean, I know your moving probably because you are going to a bigger, nicer house! But if you were like me who was around 4-5 when moving, then you probably wouldn’t have understood that. Because I know I didn’t! I was balling my eyes out! I was begging my mom, “MOMMY PLEASE NO NO NOOO!! WHAT ABOUT MY ROOM?! ALL OF OUR FRIENDS!!!? I’M STAYING HERE! NO MATTER WHAT! I’LL LIVE WITH THE NEW FAMILY WHO MOVES IN!! YOU CAN TAKE ME!!” Yeh…..I was a show! I could have been an actress and it would have been easy for me to “fake” cry for a scene. But once we drove around and found the house we wanted and matched all of our wants we moved in! My parents say that multiple other people wanted that house but we were the lucky people to get it! So once we moved in I was definitely to small and weak to move any of our boxes into the house, so I decided to pick my room and explore! So I went upstairs and saw a room that I liked that my parents sad I could have..sadly it wasn’t the master bedroom. So then my parents started putting the boxes with my name in them in my room. So while they were doing that I explored the other rooms! And my room has a connected bathroom to the room next to it. And I saw that it was connected so I looked in that room. And I saw the most beautiful thing ever! An adjustable light switch! Little me was blown away! “Oh. My. Gosh. IS THAT A DIM IT LIGHT SWITCH!? MOMMY DADDY I WANT THIS ROOM!” And so I made my parents move all of my boxes into that room. Poor parents. Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3

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  1. I moved when I was a little kid I was only 3. I was really happy to move and I was really excited to see a different place, it seems like it varies a lot from person to person.

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