Video Games = My Life

Video games are one of the biggest things in my life! When ever I get home and don’t have homework I’ll go onto a FaceTime call with my friend and we play on our laptops together. We usually play Roblox or Minecraft. We will could spend a whole day playing together on our laptops if we didn’t have school or any plans!! When I’m not playing on my laptop in my room you might find me in the basement playing games on my Xbox. If I’m on my Xbox then I’m probably playing Halo 4 or COD Black OPS 2. If I’m playing COD then I’m probably with somebody on ‘zombies’ :3. But mostly I’m on my laptop. The only time when u do come down is if we have plans or someone’s over at my house. If I’m going to someone’s house then I obviously don’t bring my laptop because that would be rude. Or if I’m going to eat something. If I’m going to eat a snack then I’ll probably get a bowl and put my snack in there and then just take that back to my room (xD). So I think what I’m mainly trying to say is…I think I’m I little bit, you know just a liittttleee bit, addicted to my laptop. I know, shocker. Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3

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