School Walkout <3

So today there was something going on in our school where you just walk out of class. But don’t worry it was for a good cause, so it wasn’t just leaving because you wanted too. Some people may think that it’s bad to do that be me, and other people, think it’s actually a really nice gesture. Because to me I think it represents peace and that you care for the families that have lost someone in the shooting. If you don’t know what the walkout is it is where you walk out of your class around 10:00 am to the front of the school and sit there for 17 minutes. Each minute represents a family who lost someone in the school shooting. People did it today, March 14th, because it has been exactly 1 month to this day, from the school shooting. But because you are walking out of your classroom and are going to be gone for 17 minutes it’s against school rules. And usually when you break school rules there are consequences. Now like I said before I think it’s a way to show you care, so personally I don’t think there should be consequences for trying to show respect and that you care for the families that lost somebody in this shooting. But you are leaving you class and interrupting it…so i guess rules are rules (>:3). I don’t want to go into details about the shooting because 1. It’s can be disrespectful and 2. Because for all I know I could be totally wrong and don’t want to start anything. Now personally I did want to do the walk but I knew there would be consequences so I didn’t. But I was REALLY tempted to go, believe me! But I did know some people that were in the front of the school and they are so, so brave. Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student Signing Out! <3

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  1. It’s hard when you want to be an activist, but the consequences for taking action make it hard to get into trouble

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