AHHHH OMG FINALLY SPRING BREAK!! YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW! THANK THE JENIES!!! There’s so many things I wanted to do but I had homework or had to practice for band! Or even had dance class! I’ve been wanting to go to the gym and on Fridays I like to go ice skating with my friends! I do chores to make money because 1 ticket for free skate is 15$. And I feel bad asking my parents for 15$ and having no way to re-pay them! So I do chores until I get 15$ so then I can spend it on the mall of ice skating with my friends! And now that it’s spring break so it makes it even better! AHH I know it’s only 1 week but I could do a lot in that time! I am very productive! I don’t hate chores because i’m a very neat person. It makes me grossed out or feel dirty when stuff isn’t clean. So sometimes when i’m bored i’ll just casually clean my room or wash the dishes, clean the counters. Stuff like that! But enough about me and more about SPRING BREAK AHHHHH!!!!!! Well, I’m going to call one of my friends! Byeee!!!

Dance Class!

I went sledding yesterday and that’s why I ALMOST missed a post! Just because I was having so much fun that I totally forgot! But then yesterday I DID forget! I was even thinking about writing last night I was thinking, “Oh I should write a blog post…but later because i’m playing Sims 4.” Yehhh Sims 4 got the best of me. I told you I was addicted to my laptop! But it didn’t help that I had dance class and people were at our house! My dad was having his lacrosse team over to watch lacrosse and see what they were doing right and what they were doing wrong. So they took notes and stuff like that. My dad is a coach so it was a bunch of 12 year old boys…yay. But good thing I had dance class so I was only at my house for 15 minutes with them! And by the time I got back they were all gone..and same with almost all the pizza and capresons. I told my dad to save me a slice of pizza that’s the only reason it wasn’t all gone! And not to mention I think that was probably my FAVORITE dance class of the year! We do a recital dance for the class that i’m in and we only have around 20 seconds left of it to learn! So we had a substitute and we’ve never done this before but we went over our GROUP dance in solos. So we just did our parts to the music while if we had a phone we could get a friend to record it! He said that our best teacher was ourselves so we could have a friend record a video of ourselves dancing and then watch it back to see what we were doing right and what we were doing wrong. And I was nervous at first but then after I danced I felt good! Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3

Ah! I Almost Missed A Post!

AH! OMG I ALMOST MISSED A POST!!! The only reason I remember to write a blog for today is because I was watching a Sims 4 YouTube video and they were talking about the character looking like a beauty blogger and I started FREAKING OUT!! In my head after they mentioned the word blogger I just thought, “Did I write a blog? Oh Shoot no I didn’t! last one I did was in class!!!” So then I instantly got on my laptop to write and my laptop was taking its sweet time!!! Like, I GOT TO DO SOMETHING HERE HURRY UP!!!!! So once my laptop logged in I was just typing in passwords and links, but almost sonic speed! And so now I’m here writing really quick so this is going- MY ALARM IS GOING OFF AHHH! Ok back on track I just stopped it. I need a breather, I just ran downstairs, my alarms loud. Seriously though, I dance once a week, I do NOT run. I’m not athletic AT ALL. Maybe if I have to beat someone at a game because I’m competitive but otherwise, I’m out! Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! student signing out! <3….Also it’s 8:45 and all electronics off at 9:00 in my house.

No Snow..Just Rain

So it’s Tuesday…and i’m at school currently. I thought that there wouldn’t be school today but I guess not! Ugh that makes me mad! I was so tired this morning not to mention too! I woke up and instantly went down to the kitchen because I could hear my mom washing her dish. Then I asked her if we had school and she responded with, “I never got a call from school so I think so sweetie, i’m sorry.” so then I went back into my room and got ready. This morning it was raining so my dad drove me to the bus stop and we waited in the car until the bus came. I heard so many people talking about why school should have gotten canceled to the point where it started getting annoying! But on the bus is when I usually start waking up anyways so it started getting less annoying. But then school…oh school. EVERYONE was talking about it!! That was all I could hear for the longest time! You could have brain washed someone in that time! By the end of my second class, thankfully, it started dying down. Right now i’m in my 3rd class AKA English. And not too many people are talking about it! And on the bright side lunch is is 5 minutes or less! So i’m definitely starting to get happier! Hopefully that can turn my day around! Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3

Will There Be A Snow Day??

AHHH!!! Ok, so i’m writing this in advance so i’m not going to be sure by the time i’m writing this, but there might be a snow day tomorrow!! So again, writing this in advance so i’ll update you later in a different post! But the thing is today is a B day and since we have already had so many snow days on A days this would mean we would miss ANOTHER A day! And I Love A days! There my favorite days! So that is a con but the pro is snow! C’mon who doesn’t like snow! Yes, I know some people probably just said they don’t like snow. No hate to anyone that doesn’t like snow, I get it, it’s cold. But if you don’t like snow then you get a free day! So i’m REALLY hoping we could get a snow day! I’m writing this on a Monday and people are saying it might snow on Tuesday and Wednesday! But this blog will go out on Tuesday so i’ll update you later on on Tuesday. Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3

Sims 4 CC

So I’ve talked about how I’m obsessed with my laptop before. But I didn’t mention what I spend about half of the time doing. So, I mainly spend time on my laptop downloading Sims 4 CC. CC stands for custom content just in case you didn’t know that. Now what you do with custom content is you download it to “modify” your character that you make. So in the Sims you make characters and play as them. You can also make their houses, or make really big family’s! You could do so much with Sims. When you make a new game you have to make a character to play as, and that’s where CC comes into play. So Sims 4 obviously comes with different options in stuff like eyes, hair, clothes, you know normal, basic needs for a human to look like a human. But when you download CC you can get different and technically more options. Like more detailed hairs, or more “realistic clothes”. And there are so many different varieties and styles and clothe types that I just get sucked in! Once I start I can’t stop!! Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3...I might go download some now. :3

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I love St. Patrick’s Day, and yes I know I’m one day late. But anyways, if you didn’t know, my favorite color is green! Most preferably seafoam green! And also not to mention because my favorite color is green I have some clothing that are mainly green, so can’t get pitched hueueueue. Buuut I can pinch other people that aren’t wearing green…>:). I am so sneakayeeee. But basically I just wanted to say that i’m going to be late. So anyways, I hope you had a nice St.Patrick’s Day! Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3


Moving away from your home is absolutely HEARTBREAKING!! I mean, you probably grew up in that house! And then having to let it go! I mean, I know your moving probably because you are going to a bigger, nicer house! But if you were like me who was around 4-5 when moving, then you probably wouldn’t have understood that. Because I know I didn’t! I was balling my eyes out! I was begging my mom, “MOMMY PLEASE NO NO NOOO!! WHAT ABOUT MY ROOM?! ALL OF OUR FRIENDS!!!? I’M STAYING HERE! NO MATTER WHAT! I’LL LIVE WITH THE NEW FAMILY WHO MOVES IN!! YOU CAN TAKE ME!!” Yeh…..I was a show! I could have been an actress and it would have been easy for me to “fake” cry for a scene. But once we drove around and found the house we wanted and matched all of our wants we moved in! My parents say that multiple other people wanted that house but we were the lucky people to get it! So once we moved in I was definitely to small and weak to move any of our boxes into the house, so I decided to pick my room and explore! So I went upstairs and saw a room that I liked that my parents sad I could have..sadly it wasn’t the master bedroom. So then my parents started putting the boxes with my name in them in my room. So while they were doing that I explored the other rooms! And my room has a connected bathroom to the room next to it. And I saw that it was connected so I looked in that room. And I saw the most beautiful thing ever! An adjustable light switch! Little me was blown away! “Oh. My. Gosh. IS THAT A DIM IT LIGHT SWITCH!? MOMMY DADDY I WANT THIS ROOM!” And so I made my parents move all of my boxes into that room. Poor parents. Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3

Do You Miss The Summer Because I Do!

It’s March and I’m really missing the summer right about now. I miss the warm weather and the vacations! I don’t want this cold wind anymore, I’m sick of it! Plus I’m STILL SICK!! I’ve been sick for around 10-11 days. I’ve had this bad cough for what seems like forever! And my cough is from this bad weather, I have a cold. The cause of it is literally in its name! I want the pretty flowers and healthy leaves back! In my house my room is in the front. Meaning I have a beautiful view of the dead trees when I wake up. Awww isn’t that nice. Just what I want to start of my day, dead trees. Because of the cold air and breezes I can’t open my window in the morning for the sun and warmer breeze. Also if I open my blinds there’s no point because the sky isn’t nice and bright in the morning like how it is in the summer.
If you haven’t noticed already Spring/Summer is my favorite season. C’mon the pool is open and you can sunbathe. And go out in your backyard or hang out with your friends! OoOOo and you also get to eat popsicles or drink nice ice cold water or even a soda!! I’m getting hungry and missing the summer even more, so I need to stop myself! Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3

Video Games = My Life

Video games are one of the biggest things in my life! When ever I get home and don’t have homework I’ll go onto a FaceTime call with my friend and we play on our laptops together. We usually play Roblox or Minecraft. We will could spend a whole day playing together on our laptops if we didn’t have school or any plans!! When I’m not playing on my laptop in my room you might find me in the basement playing games on my Xbox. If I’m on my Xbox then I’m probably playing Halo 4 or COD Black OPS 2. If I’m playing COD then I’m probably with somebody on ‘zombies’ :3. But mostly I’m on my laptop. The only time when u do come down is if we have plans or someone’s over at my house. If I’m going to someone’s house then I obviously don’t bring my laptop because that would be rude. Or if I’m going to eat something. If I’m going to eat a snack then I’ll probably get a bowl and put my snack in there and then just take that back to my room (xD). So I think what I’m mainly trying to say is…I think I’m I little bit, you know just a liittttleee bit, addicted to my laptop. I know, shocker. Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3