The Best Time Of The Day!

I. Love. Lunchtime. Lunchtime is probably one of the best times. For lunchtime you technically get to get out of class. If your friends aren’t in your class, you have a chance to see them in lunch! But even though lunch is pretty good…IT’S SO LOUD! Usually I will be trying to tell my friend something like, “Hey we have a test next class,” but then with all the noise it turns into, “HeY wE hAvE a-,”,”a WhAt?”,”I sAiD a…. NeVeRmInD.” Yeah… if you need to tell your friends something don’t do it in lunch or else your point will most likely never get across. Also I don’t know if it’s just me but my friends always cut me off in the middle of my sentence and it’s very annoying! But my friends are thankfully in at least one of my classes so I can tell them. Well I hope you enjoyed reading because I enjoying writing! Student signing out. <3

Welcome! <3

Hi welcome to my blog, i’m a small student! Every blog I will talk about a different topic! Today I will be talking about buses, you know, those things you get up really early for just so you can miss it and call you mom. I’m just kidding…I called my dad. And i’m not a weather girl but it’s February meaning it’s cold! So having to walk to the bus stop and stand there is kind of a pain. But good thing our bus driver puts on the heat! And after that, for me, it’s pretty good from that point on! I was super excited to write this post for you and I hope you enjoyed reading it! Student signing out! <3