Hello again! How are you? I’m good because it’s my FREE DAY!!! I have A LOT of activities and Tuesday is my free day. I do Softball, Volleyball, Self defense, and a loot of other things here and there. Anyways, I am going to share with you a poem I made, called pens.

Pens, Pens.

Wonderful pens.

You can draw lions-even their dens.

They can be


They can be


They can be


But they can also be


You can draw ROOSTERS

You can draw HENS

Pens, pens.

Wonderful pens.


I hope you liked it! You can comment how you feel about it. Thanks! Bye!



Hello again! Today is Valentine’s day. I love Valentine’s day! There is so much kindness in the air. I am so Thankful for all my loving friends that are always super nice to me and care so much about me! My parents gave me & my sister chocolate and truffles this morning. I am planning on getting my mom flowers, and get my dad some dark chocolate. If you are reading this, I encourage you to do something nice for a family member or friend, whether it’s Valentine’s Day, or not. You don’t have to buy them chocolate or candy(or anything, really). You can just simply say “I love you” or “Thank you for everything you do for me!” Anyways, I hope that you spread the kindness. Bye!



I really would like to go to Switzerland! So does my family. We watched a documentary about it. It is beautiful! I am going to plan a trip there so I can convince my family to go. I’m hoping we can go there this summer, but I think we are going on a trip to California! I’m very excited. We are going to go to the national parks, and I’m also hoping to go to Long Beach. I also would like to go to Norway. I haven’t learned anything about it, but it probably really cool and pretty also! Goodbye:)


~Some More Facts About Me~

                My favorite animal ~ an Elephant!

Hello again! This is Faith. My favorite animal is an Elephant. I love them! They are so sweet and gentle. I would LOVE to ride on the back of one. Another thing I love is Sharpies! They are SO colorful and pretty………….except for the dark ones like brown, black, and gray. But, I like to stick to the bright and colorful ones, like yellow, pink, orange, light green, and teal. My favorite sport is definitely Softball! I play for a travel team called Loudoun Inferno. I play Centerfield, Short Stop, and Second Base. I also Pitch. I also play on a volleyball team. But, my sister is the REAL volleyball player in my family. Right Now she is playing beach volleyball, and in the fall she plays for Rock Ridge. I also love watching college basketball and major league baseball. Anyways, that is all I’ve got for ya. Bye!

My First Post!!!

Hello! My name is Faith. This is my first blog post! I’m so excited. I’ll be talking about pretty much everything: Places I’ve been, Places I want to go, food, and my pet: a Guinea Pig named Thor. Also, experiences that I’ve had. This post is about how I burned my finger on a waffle iron. My sister and her friend were making waffles (as you probably guessed), and when they closed the top, they just set the top on. IT ANNOYED ME SO MUCH! So, I decided to press it down harder- with my finger. I screamed and ran to the corner of the other room and cried. Of course, I didn’t really know that the top of a waffle iron was burning hot when I was in third grade. But, I was okay because we went to the pool that afternoon and didn’t have to make a trip to the ER. Anyways, thank you for reading my first Blog Post! Please comment anything else you want me to blog. Bye!