Hello! Today is Monday, but it is super sunny and nice and warm. I wrote a special poem about sunshine awhile ago, so I’ll share it with you right now! Here it is:




Bright as honey, warm and sunny

The sun shines down on a bunny.


It’s super yellow, like mac ‘n cheese

It makes people happy, especially me!


It smiles down it’s toothy grin

People frolic, and dance, and spin.


The air is warm, and smiles are big

It makes me want to dance a jig!


It’s super fun to play outside

And all the rain on the ground is dried.


But when the clouds come rolling in,

I’ll wait for sunshine to come again.


I hope you liked it! Comment what you think. This weekend it is supposed to be 90 DEGREES!! I’m so excited. On Thursday, I also got new brush pens. This past weekend when I went to Virginia Beach, so I was able to practice with them. Here are some pictures!

Anyways, this past weekend I went to Virginia Beach for a softball tournament. It was so fun! On Friday my team went out to dinner and then we got cold stone. We only won 1 out of three of our softball games, but we were playing really well. We were done by about 1:30, so we had time to go to the beach! The water was freezing, but one of our coaches paid us to dunk all the way under the water. I got $5! On Sunday, we lost our game, so we had to go home. But was so fun!

Well I’ll see y’all later. Bye!







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  1. IloveVader

    Hi Faith! I really like your poem! It has really good describing words, that are very creative ways to describe the sun! estelle

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