By Faith


There once was a water bottle. His name was Steve. Yesterday, he had been sitting on a shelf at Target. Then, someone bought him! His name was Thomas. Today, he was ready for a new adventure at a place called “school”

As Steve got filled up with water, he felt energized he got placed in a little pocket of a backpack. He got picked up on the kid’s back. There, they walked outside and waited for the bus to come.

When the bus finally came, Steve was smushed between 2 other kids with backpacks. It was very uncomfortable. That made the bus ride seem longer.

When Steve got to school, he was so excited! “I can’t wait to see all the different people and places!”  Steve thought. But, all of a sudden, the pouch that was holding him started to slip. Steve was so uncomfortable on the bus, he was squirming a lot and the pouch started to not be able to hold him. Steve lost all control. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Steve felt the cold, hard ground hit his body. “Ow.”

Steve layed there for what felt like forever. “Help!” he continuously yelled. About 2 minutes later, he started hearing footsteps. “Yay! He’s ba-” Steve stopped midway through his sentence. He felt a cold hand grab on to him that sent shivers down his spine. “ I have a feeling that’s not Thomas.”  He had a bad feeling in his stomach. As his eyes finally were able to make out a face, he noticed it was someone he’s never seen before. Usually, when he first sees someone he’s never met before, he wants to get to know them right away and become friends. But this person’s face was rock solid and not welcoming. “I think- I think it is the- the PRINCIPAL!”  Steve started to have trouble breathing “uh-uh-I don’t feel-” Steve was out COLD.

As Steve felt his eyes flutter open, he wasn’t in the Principal’s hand anymore. He also wasn’t with Thomas. “Where am I?”  Steve wondered. He was on a wooden table. He sat up, and saw a poster. Even though his vision were still blurry, he could barely make out the words ‘Lost and Found’. “OH NO!” Steve screamed. “I have to find a way out!”



(part 2 coming soon!)

I hope you liked it! Comment what you think. Have a good weekend! Bye!






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