Hi! Today is Thursday. It is almost Friday! I am so excited for my softball tournament this weekend. Last weekend we were supposed to have a softball tournament, but then it got cancelled for ‘snow’. It didn’t snow AT ALL. So, this weekend will be our first softball tournament! It is supposed to be SUPER NICE so we’ll definitely be playing. Also, I don’t have to wake up early! Our first game is at 3:30. Anyways, in english class the attendance question was “what is your favorite word?” I said that it was sizzle. But, that inspired me to make a word list of my favorite words! Here it is:









There are some more, but I forgot. Also, April is poetry month! I made a poem about the color navy. I don’t really dislike it, but it flowed with the poem! Here it is:


|| NAVY ||


I do not like the color navy.

It isn’t really the color of gravy.

It is not bright or happy or fun,

It doesn’t make me want to lay in the sun.

It isn’t really big or bold,

It isn’t shiny like silver and gold.

So if you ask if I like navy,

I might pull off a big shavie.


I really hope you like it! Comment what you think. Bye!



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