Hello again! Today is Monday. My softball team got our new schedule, and it turns out I have practices on Mondays and Wednesdays. So, I don’t have Mondays free anymore. But that’s ok because I’m used to having stuff on Mondays so it won’t be a big change.

This month is March madness! So far my bracket is doing pretty good. I have Villanova winning. If you made a bracket make sure to comment below (or above) at let me know who you have winning! In case you don’t know what march madness is, it’s the big end of season college basketball tournament. Our family is big Wildcats fans!(University of Kentucky). Anyways, for spring break I didn’t know what my family was doing. We originally weren’t going anywhere, Then last night my dad said that if Kentucky makes it to the final four, we can go to San Antonio, Texas! That is where the final four is this year. I’m not sure if he was joking or not, but he seemed pretty serious. And my mom said that if he goes by himself, my mom, my sister and I would go somewhere else. And if he made that promise for real, that is a good thing because Kentucky is the highest ranked team left in the southern conference! So, it looks like spring break is actually going to turn out really well this year! Bye!



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