Hello again! Today is Thursday. I do not have much free time today, because I have self defense and softball. But it is almost the weekend!!!!!! I’m so excited. I don’t think I have anything this weekend so I can relax!

Anyways I LOVE bracelets! My goal is to get a bracelet from every state in the US.

If you’ve seen me, you’ve probably seen me with a lot of bracelets on. I am obsessed with these bracelets called Pura Vida bracelets. They are wax coated bracelets (which means they are waterproof) that are handmade in Costa Rica. I have a lot of them! The money goes to Artisans who don’t have very good jobs. Here’s a link to the website:/

Anyways, I have a lot of them. I get them for holidays (like Christmas, Easter, my birthday.) I’m probably going to get a lot for my upcoming birthday (April!!) and Easter. I am begging my mom to join the Pura Vida monthly club, where you get three braclets each month. I really hope I convince her!

Anyways, I love bracelets and I try to wear them all the time and as much as I can! But I have to go. Bye!!!!



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