Hello! Today is Wednesday. Today I do not have much free time, but that’s okay because I have Mondays and Fridays free because volleyball is over! Yesterday morning I got a filling in my teeth. They put this numbing gel on my teeth that felt so weird because it also was on my tounge and my throat! Anyways, let’s talk about brush pens!

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE BRUSH PENS!!! They are absolutely amazing. In case you don’t know what brush pens are, here’s a picture:

Image result for brush pens

Brush pens are special pens that helps you do calligraphy. If you know who I am, you’ve probably seen me doing calligraphy before, or you’ve seen Mrs. Haseltine’s name in her classroom. That was done by me! I have the primary color brush pens. Here’s the ones that I have:

Image result for tombow brush pens

I’m hoping to get more Brush pens for my birthday this year! There is a 96 pack that I really want, but it is very expensive. But, since it will be my birthday, I may get them!!

I am creating my own calligraphy company, called creative calligraphy. I make monograms on canvases and coasters. But, I haven’t had the time to work on it since my schedule has been so busy! Since volleyball is over I’ll probably have some more time. I’ll let you guys know when I’m finished.

Well I could talk about brush pens for a long time, but I don’t want you to get bored so I’ll have to go. Sorry for the long post here is a picture of guinea pigs eating a watermelon.



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