Hello again! How are you? I’m good because it’s my FREE DAY!!! I have A LOT of activities and Tuesday is my free day. I do Softball, Volleyball, Self defense, and a loot of other things here and there. Anyways, I am going to share with you a poem I made, called pens.

Pens, Pens.

Wonderful pens.

You can draw lions-even their dens.

They can be


They can be


They can be


But they can also be


You can draw ROOSTERS

You can draw HENS

Pens, pens.

Wonderful pens.


I hope you liked it! You can comment how you feel about it. Thanks! Bye!


3 thoughts on “~PENS~

  1. g.grace10

    This is a great post because at first you talk about how it is your free day then you share the poem with your viewers!!!

  2. IloveVader

    Faith, I really like your pen poem!! I love that you described how different pens make you feel different emotions!!

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