~Some More Facts About Me~

                My favorite animal ~ an Elephant!

Hello again! This is Faith. My favorite animal is an Elephant. I love them! They are so sweet and gentle. I would LOVE to ride on the back of one. Another thing I love is Sharpies! They are SO colorful and pretty………….except for the dark ones like brown, black, and gray. But, I like to stick to the bright and colorful ones, like yellow, pink, orange, light green, and teal. My favorite sport is definitely Softball! I play for a travel team called Loudoun Inferno. I play Centerfield, Short Stop, and Second Base. I also Pitch. I also play on a volleyball team. But, my sister is the REAL volleyball player in my family. Right Now she is playing beach volleyball, and in the fall she plays for Rock Ridge. I also love watching college basketball and major league baseball. Anyways, that is all I’ve got for ya. Bye!