I (still) hate poetry.

I (still) hate poetry poem.

I still hate poetry.

Does it have a meaning yet?

I wouldn’t bet.

It’s been a while, poetry.

I’m forced back into your thorny hold,

Though this time, I’m being bold.

I still hate poetry.

This is the third year in a row,

After elementary I thought you’d go.

It’s been some time, poetry.

I thought you’d free me,

Instead I’m on portfolio number three.

I still hate poetry.

Why was I so good at this in 6th grade?

Over time my skills have begun to fade.

It’s been ages, poetry.

And quite frankly, I’m over it,

I vote we stop, it’s not a good fit.

I still hate poetry.

I’m beginning to question,

I think I might have a confession.

It’s been moons, poetry.

Some of you might applaud,

But honestly I’m a fraud.

I still hate poetry.

I have an announcement,

So don’t denounce it.

It’s been a year, poetry.

I think I’m starting to like it,

But I’ll always deny it.

I still hate poetry.

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