My back hurts Poem

My back hurts by Zer0Sympathy:

My back hurts.

Its sore and it irks.

My doctor says she thinks I have bad posture.

I think I have a terrible doctor.

I want a massage.

Or a chiropractor.

My dad says no,

My mom says maybe,

I said,

Make up your mind already!

My dad says i’m too young for back pain.

My mom says she’ll talk talk to my doctor.

At this point i’m wondering why they don’t seem to care about my pain.

I don’t want more doctor appointments.

All i’m saying is, Step it up parents, i’m your daughter!

My mom is getting tired of when I whine and complain,

So all i’m saying is, Fix my back pain!

3 thoughts on “My back hurts Poem”

  1. OMG
    This is amazing.
    So VERY much to love!
    I wonder what a different doctor would say!

  2. Heh, Thanks 😀 I’m not completely happy with this poem and I may release a better version later though! Glad you enjoyed this version though!

  3. I like this one too. I think what I like best about your poetry so far is the clarity of your message and the crispness of the way you tell it with your voice. When I am not completely happy with how a poem has turned out, sometimes lifting a line or two from my original version and starting over with just that helps me see it in a new way. Then I can decide between the two or a mash-up happens. Either way, I like doing this exercise.

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