I hate poetry Poem.

I hate poetry. By Zer0Sympathy.

I hate poetry.

So i’m gonna write about poetry.

Maybe one day you’ll see,

That poetry, isn’t about what to be.

Its about being you,

Being me,

Being Free.

So what does that even mean?

I hate poetry, that’s what it means.

So hard to pick all the themes.

Why write this when I can make memes?

Now let me ask you this:

Why be inside, on your computer, reading this,

When you can be outside, on your doorstep, letting the sun give your skin a kiss?

If you do not have a doorstep,

Sorry. But i’m busy writing this poem.

So I cannot help you with your doorstep.

Go call the doorstep store.

They’ll even throw in a door.

But I truly do hate poetry.

Haiku, about northern Tennessee.

Is not the kind of thing for me.

Or, The Diamante about my father,

I didn’t want to do it in third grade, so I didn’t bother.

Now I have to do blog posts.

A months worth at most.

Why did I drag myself into this?

Why am I allowing myself to get stuck with another month of stress-fully trying to make everyone satisfied?

I don’t know why,

Don’t ask me,

Because I hate poetry.




32 thoughts on “I hate poetry Poem.”

  1. Brilliant rhymes and connections of ideas…like the doorstep and being outside. It almost sounds more like hating to follow certain patterns of poetry. I dislike writing poetry where I have to have a certain number of syllables. I’m always off by at least one..over one. Under one. Not exact.

    I love to write using my own format. I may try borrowing your idea . . . I like it that much! Thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s pretty amazing that NOT liking poetry is what created one of my all-time favorite poems. I can’t help but wonder how many poetry haters turned into talented poets Thank you for reminding us all about the beauty that happens when we write! ❤️

    1. Thank you~! <3
      I actually do happen to enjoy poetry when I get to literally WHATEVER I want with it!
      That's what I disliked especially in Elementary school the most about this unit, The teachers would often choose the themes, give us the type of poem, and give us two days to write it for "Fun", I honestly began to absolutely hate anything with the unit! They would teach us the same thing year, after year, after year… I'm so hoping Mrs. Haseltine does not teach us these poems again. If I ever hear the words "Father's day poem!" Again, I'm going to puke.

  3. Enjoyed your definition of poetry. It is about being you and being free! The rhymes are nice / but if they are not your thing / take my advice / and let your voice sing! Have you thought of meme poetry? I think that would be cool. Thank you for sharing! 😎

    1. That’s a great idea.
      I also should write a poem about onomatopoeia,
      I hope you like my rhyme’s,
      But i’m running out of idea’s for line’s.
      But it’s in these time’s,
      That I can’t think of a word that rhymes with Time’s.

      Your welcome for that horrible on-the-go poetry. 😉

  4. “The doorstop store.” That line killed me! You are a very funny person, and this poem made my day. I do not know if you hate writing poetry or not, but either way, you’ve got a good ear and a great sense of voice. Thank you for making this public for us to enjoy…and (heh heh) Happy National Poetry Month!

    1. Doorstep store,
      I have loads more!
      (he he, More rhymes)
      I got the idea for the doorstep store because of something really random. Whenever I got hurt when I was little, like I had a scraped knee, My dad would tell me he would take me to the Knee store so they would fix me up.
      (Elbow store, Finger store, ect.)
      So yeah, The person in the poem was missing their doorstep, so I though I could make them feel better by giving them the helpful information of the amazing non-existent store for doorsteps. 🙂 Your welcome magical poem person without a doorstep, (I wonder how he gets into the door then? Jumps up maybe?)

  5. Ah, so many bits to ponder here. I think what I unpacked the most in reading this is the question you ask yourself, “Why did I drag myself into this?” I wonder that all the time too. I am but one reader, but I think writing about things we hate (whether we do or not) is a really interesting way to unleash a lot of thinking around a topic. Your voice comes through so strong and I love that. I wonder what a companion poem with the opposing idea would sound like? Keep writing about things that showcase your talent. You’ve got lots to say. I can tell.

    1. So, I will indeed be writing more poems, But I kinda doubt they will be as good. I am somewhat disappointed with my back-pain poem, But I really wanted to talk about how my back always hurts. Until the next random poem! (Hint hint it may be about how much I hate it when anyone dares to wake me up…)
      Anyone can always leave suggestions for me to write! They can always request a poem to be made because I always read all of my comments!

      1. That’s the beauty of writing things down anyway. Some of it is our greatest and some of it isn’t. BUT, all of it says something.

  6. It is hard to believe a middle schooler wrote this. I am soooo impressed with the way you wove the words together. Beautiful job. I mean it. Really, a stunning piece of writing (poem)!

  7. What really hit me was how the joy of writing poetry has been ruined for you by all the school requirements put upon you. You mention “so hard to pick all the themes” and being required to write Haiku, Diamante, and blog posts. Yet poetry is the perfect vehicle for “being me, being Free” for all writers. Free verse poetry–where you get to choose the form, format, content, white space, punctuation (or not) and break the usual rules– is why kids love poetry. Your honest, passionate poem is a wake-up call for educators to bring the joy back to writing, and poetry can be one of the best ways to do it. Thanks for helping to show us the way.

    1. You are welcome! This inspires my meme poem someone suggested… Because you said “Thanks for showing us the way.” It reminds we of “Da wae” Meme. ;D
      You know someone actually made a trap remix song for “Da Wae” Meme and I am somewhat a little bit scared for my generation, JK! But I thank you for all of your support! I will keep making poetry! *Cat face =3*

  8. This is fabulous! Just putting your feelings into words on paper can make a poem! The ending wraps around beautifully! “It’s about being you, bring me, being free” – so true! Thanks for sharing!

  9. OMG! Thank you for all this support! MRS. HASELTINE I KNOW YOU ARE BEHIND THIS! (But i’m not mad, It just means I’m going to have to step up my blog a level, Yes I know! OOOH! AHHH! She wasn’t even trying when she made any of this?!) Yes, I literally was spacing out and then I heard the words “Poetry month, Poetry challenge, Blog.” And I was like, Welp. Now I’m going to write about how much I HATE POETRY, In POEM form, Why? Because I can. And I did. I literally was drawing a blank mind the entire time I wrote this, I was so sure absolutely no one but my friend Monroe, Who until this point had been THE ONLY one who had been looking at my blog, Would read this. And then… I actually looked at the poem I thought was garbage… And I said to myself…

    “Wow, This looks like someone dumped memes on a professionals work.” I felt proud of it and told my teacher, So now… You all finally noticed my blog. I’m glad i’m finally getting views, But now I’m going to have to do an update post on my blog to catch everyone up!

    Thnak you SO SO SO MUCH! I’m super glad you guys read it, Hopefully you will share it with your kids ESPECIALLY IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! (Calling all elementary teachers, Show this to your kids if they appear to have negative feelings towards poetry like I do about forced poetry,) Uh, I’m TOTALLY not advertising my blog! Pffftttt why would I do that? ha, heh…

    Anyways, Thanks guys! And I will update my status soon!

  10. I enjoyed your poem so much…the rhythm and flow captivated me. Your creativity is inspiring. My Dad did something similar to the “new knee store” thanks for the memory! Please continue to write, your voice should be heard.

    My favorite part:
    Its about being you,
    Being me,
    Being Free.

    I can hear your voice so clearly in this! Keep the poems coming. I am inspired.

  12. Hey, I read the “I love poetry” poem by Mrs. McVeigh and came here from that. Now I’m worried about your back. I hope you figure out what’s bothering it. Maybe exercises would help? Wishing you well!

  13. The “diamante about my father” jumped out at me, too. Sometimes poetic forms are helpful — a good container for a big idea. But sometimes the poem wants to explode beyond rules, structure, and “put three nouns on this line.” The poem you posted here is an “exploding beyond rules” kind of poem!

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