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I woke up in the morning

without a care in the world

grab my binders

and my stomach had twirled


“What day is it?”

I thought as I looked at the time

I had to get to school

In 10 minutes prime


I grabbed my stuff

grabbed a cereal bar on the way

got my lunch out of the fridge

and said “Now I don’t need to pay.”


I got on the bus and off I went

then I remembered something

I looked through my binder

I have done a dumb thing


“I forgot my homework,”

I said with a squirm

Everyone will laugh at me

and i’ll look like a worm


“But wait.” I thought

as I checked the date

“Its Friday!” I said

Now lets not be late


Thank god its Friday

or I would get caught

but Its a B-day

well at least that’s what I thought


My Poems

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They are happy

They are sad

They are my freedom

A way to express my thoughts and feelings

They are adventurous

They are challenges

That I am willing to take

They are my utopia

They have no rules

They twist

And they turn

They go right

They go left

They go up

And they go down

They are a voice for us

But they also show our weakness and how frail we are

They are short

But they can be long

They tell stories

But can confuse us

They are…….

My Poems


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A time for new beginnings


When the cruel winter blows away in a gust of wind


The pleasant spring rain comes in


It prepares us for the bright and colorful summer just ahead


The rain washes away our worries of the cold


April comes in


Bringing life to everything


Bringing joy to all good things


Bringing happiness through the land



Spring Break

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I can’t wait for today because I get to leave early and we are going to the airport and it’s just a matter of hours before we board the plane. We are going to Madrid first, Paris second, and back to Spain to visit Barcelona! The one thing I really want to visit is the Louvre in Paris, France. I really want to check out the exhibits and one of the most famous paintings in the world, The Mona Lisa. Is it weird that I suck at art but the first thing on my list is an Art museum? I mean I find it kind of weird but that’s just me. I’m so excited I don’t know what to write! I am literally shaking! I can’t wait for this spring break!

Tired? Idk at this point

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Okay I don’t know what to write about. Maybe it’s because It’s exactly 11 pm! I can’t think straight…….wait wha-what? Ahh! I dropped my laptop! Please don’t be cracked oh please don’t…..YES! My laptop survived! Oh god I feel as if I’m too attached to my laptop! It killed me that I dropped it! I never drop this is the first time! OWw! My neck! I jerked down to reach my laptop and I hurt my neck! Now it hurts to type because I have to look down. Okay then. *Yawn I am tired. J-just going to grab this pillow and OOh and this blan-blanket and *zzzzzzz………OH GOD! I think I should stop blogging. I’m really tired. Okay well ha- have a nice morning I mean weekend. Wait or like you know and yeah…….. *zzzzzzzzzzz

Short Hair? I DON’T care!

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Yes that’s right! I cut my hair. DEAL WITH IT! Anyways, Its for a good cause. Im donating my hair to Locks of Love and I believe it will be used as in wigs for girls who have cancer. All my friends at school seemed to like my new look. It was a drastic change however. I’m kind of sad that I cut my hair but, I know it will come to great use and I can put a smile on others faces! I was going to ship it off at the UPS store in the town center but I think I should do it on my birthday. Agh I’m just so excited. Imagine someone who has been really sad be super happy after receiving it! The process was exciting too. She first tied 6 sections of my hair into small ponytails. Next, she took the scissors and…CHOP! I had 6 neat ponytails in my mother’s hands. Then, she washed my hair. Finally, It was time for the styling! She took a long time on it (she took 1 hour) to make sure it was perfect and It was! I am so happy with my hair and others seem to like it too. Well that’s all for today. That was 5 blog posts! Well that’s a record! Well then, see you tomorrow and I hope I remember to blog!


Vex competition

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So at my vex competition, all was going great. That is, until the second day. So we were at our competition. We were getting our booth ready so the judges can see our robot design and our design process. We were also fixing our code as we thought there was something wrong with it. It was states so we had to be ahead of the game. Obviously, we didn’t win but we ranked 23rd which is actually isn’t something to be proud of. There was about 56 teams I believe. Anyways, we didn’t realize but, the towers to hold all the programs for the competition were malfunctioning. Obviously the judges didn’t say anything and they let it pass which n my opinion, was totally unfair. It was kind of an unfair match but I do think that the top eight deserved to be in the top eight.

Salt Water Pool

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Okay so during summer break in 2014, we were on vacation to bermuda. We were on the Royal Caribbean cruise line. We wanted to check out the deck and (obviously) go swimming in the pool. Now, it was my first time on a cruise so I didn’t know that it was salt water in the pool and I think you can guess what happend. If not, I’m going to explain the situation and I hope you brought some popcorn while reading these posts, Oh yeah and some ramen. Anyways. We were exploring the deck and my uncle was like “Who wants to go in the pool?” and me, my sister, and my cousins were like “I want to!” So we went to our hotel rooms and changed and we met up outside our rooms and headed for the pool. Since I was an obnoxious and Impulsive little kid, I decided to leave my goggles behind (GREAT IDEA *rolls eyes). So we get to the deck and my cousins were like “Let’s go, Let’s go.” So we get in and I decide to jump in ya know ‘cause as I said “obnoxious and Impulsive little kid” so I jump in and do a cannonball and that’s when I feel it. My eyes were BURNING. I came out of the pool (struggling to be honest because I’m short) crying my eyes out. So my uncle ,to cheer me up, got me some soft serve chocolate Ice cream and Ice cream always makes everything better so I was happy again. The next time I went in the pool, I made sure to bring my goggles.

The Ice Cream Incident

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       Okay, let’s be real. This is one of my favorite experiences and I am DYING to share it with you! So it all began on (I think) the third day of my canada trip. We were in quebec city and we were walking through the stores and streets of the city. It was kind of hot (I know its canada but it was during summer and quebec is closer south of canada) so we decided to get some gelato. I remember the exact flavor. It was watermelon and It was DELICIOUS! We were just walking around enjoying our gelato and we see some interesting statues. Obviously (like most parents) our parents urged me and my sister to go take pictures with the statues. There was one particular statue that caught my dad’s eye. This statue had his lips puckered out. He was also standing in the weirdest position and leaning forward. Me and my sister decided to put our gelato close to the statues lips. We were laughing and my dad was taking pictures. My dad said it was time to move because we were going on this tour bus thing. I didn’t notice, but, the statue was on a platform. I didn’t watch my step. I tripped while throwing my gelato in the air. I fell and my gelato fell upside down on my head. My dad (who I wish was getting it on camera) was just laughing his head off. I have to admit, It was pretty funny!