Da Majical Candy

They are the best to eat

Why, they are one of the greatest treats

It will make you want to smell a unicorn’s feet

For, the heck of a treat will overcome any defeat

Finding one of them will be the greatest feat

Even dogs will start chasing for this instead of meat

Ice cream could never replace this in the least bit

Not sugar cubes, Chocolate, or even a make a cake kit

Even the most depressed get out of their fitt.

This also gets rid of zits

This is the stuff of legends

And Flavor will burst in your mouth in a matter of seconds

Just eat it, there is no reason to beckon

You will taste the flavor in just a millisecond

If you are hungry, get it today

So you are not stuck eating hay

IF you want, you just have to say

And then, you will start having a really good day


This is the poem of seven

Not ten, eleven

But seven

Why, the number seven is a given

And without seven it would be a short life o’ livin

Seven, oh seven your legacy lives on in heaven

Seven is seven and that is all we need it to be

Seven, oh seven you are only seven, so just be free

So seven, oh seven just fill your heart with glee!

Grapes :-{)

Grapes, the center root

Why, they even are the bestest fruit

Which makes an unbelievable snack

You could almost say that it’s the best life hack

So just plop one in your mouth

And you’ll feel like if in florida,

Starting to go south

When they are so juicy and without a single seed

You wouldn’t believe that, when it comes to grapes,

There is absolutely no greed

Grapes are so magically spherical

And two were the same it would somewhat of a miracle

Grapes are dangerously yummy

So start eating too much of them

You might rather be eating than even playing rummy!

Strawberry :{)

Strawberry, you make me feel so welcome

Why, you get rid of all of today’s seldom

With all of your sweet juice filled with yum

Nothing can compete with you,

Not even watermelon gum

And with your tiny little seeds

You could fill everyone’s needs

Then your color of bright red

You are awesome

Nobody has otherwise said


Cherries a generous bright red

Can not stop filling my starving hungry head

With your stem of green

Could boost anyone’s self esteem

Cherry you are so juicy

You could meet the standards of my Aunt Lucy*

With your solid seed in the middle

Why if it was listed in a joke

It could not be in a riddle!



The Holy… CHICKEN!!!


Chicken, oh chicken

Your ba buck sounds so chickeney

I do not know why

But you make me feel so rickety

You are related to the rooster

Though you have not the same cry

You both can’t fly like a rocket booster