Billy & The Giant


Previously on Billy and the Giant; The whistle was blown just as Billy’s friends are knocked out in mere moments, just as the giant cranks up for one heck of a shot.   

To Billy’s surprise the giant dropped the ball behind his hairy, sweaty, and enormous back. What Billy did not see is that another kid was in the exact same position and caught the ball and let one fly hitting Billy in the stomach. As well as knocking him flat into the wall, but will Billy be out and the game will be over as well as everything else for Billy and his friends or might Billy prevail and the secretive kid be out and bring Niko back in? The question remains until the next episode of Billy and the Giant.

Billy and The Giant

It was a nice day outside and Billy was playing dodgeball with his friends Niko and Robby (Short for Robbino) by his side when a enormous kid joins in on the other team. The whistle blows and the giant trucks little Billy to get to the ball, when Billy starts to back off. In about 5 seconds both of Billy’s friends are knocked out and Billy is the only one still standing on his team. Just when the giant winds up for a sniper. What will happen?