First Snow, First Man

The title really just gives it away. Today it was snowing all day and my dad and I built my first snowman in my life. Granted that is not a long time, neither was it really good in my opinion. Larry, our snowman had a huge gumdrop like shape base and a head. I also thought it was crazy to not have a middle piece, but I got used to it. Then we used random sticks poking out of the snow around our neighbor’s yard and a little piece of mulch. At the end of the fun my dad finally asked me what I would call him. So I said “Larry” and took a picture of Larry and I and that was the end.

Whyyyyy Meeeeeee!!!

We should have been out of school today. It is around twelve o’clock  and we are literally watching hail and sleet fall right in front of our eyes

And then freezing on the ground instantly. I mean if anything we should have had a two hour delay!!! At least I know that we are closed tomorrow for snow that could be so bad that we could almost leave for spring break almost half a week early. WHich means we will be off for almost two weeks just for break.. The snow just stopped for a little bit but is supposed to really one hundred percent start snowing at ten o’clock tonight . even would be awesome seeing how we already have a little bit sticking.

What A Day!!!

Yesterday, my family had some free time as well as my cousins. So we met up around three o’clock to explore the zoo down in washington DC! My family got to the zoo around one thirty and explored the parts of the zoo that my little one year old cousin didn’t want to see that much so that when he came we would have time to go see all the animals and sites he wanted to see! Although he really wanted to see the zebras, Monkeys, and elephants it was adorable to watch him look at the otters, seals, and sea lions. Another funny thing was that when we were half way into the monkeys my little cousin got scared of them because my older cousin put him to close to the monkeys. It was miserable to see his face at the end, but we had fun for the rest of the time at the zoo!

Bracket Buster

What the heck is happening??? First of all a number one seed VIRGINIA loses to a number sixteen seed UMBC. Probably losing the entire north east conference for most people. Then later number two N. CAROLINA loses to number seven TEXAS A&M. Which I know busted my moms work bracket. The funny thing is that most of the people in my moms work do not know me. Yet I’m in second place and my mom who a lot of people is not in at all anymore because she had a team that lost today. In other words, she got her bracket busted.

Who Are YOU Going To Pinch?

Who do YOU think you will pinch tomorrow. What is that?  You DON’T KNOW WHAT TOMORROW IS?!?! It is the day of luck, the day three days after pi day, the Day of the great Saint Patrick, The day of four leaf clovers? It is st. Patrick’s Day! You now know this, but do know what you must definitely, positively, life or death deciding duty you have to do when you see someone without visible green? That is right, you have to pinch them as hard as you possibly can. Who do you think you will pinch? I must warn you though, if you do not pinch anyone even if you are wearing green you must allow  someone to pinch you 5 times regardless!

Hello Again! Now What IS That?!?!

Around six o’clock pm my owner spent forever in the bathroom. He finally came out in agony. A red liquid substance was also dripling, oozing out of what I think on a human is called a mouth?!?! Oh by the way if you remember me I’m my owner’s turtle, Einstein! Anywho, back to the story. He soon came dashing  back to the bathroom. Seriously though that kid is having some kind of problems! After a while, well about an hour he comes out with something whtie and shiny with of the red substance inside the pearly object. Seriously I want to know what that object is, I hope it does not kill red eared slider turtles. Wait! I don’t have to worry about that. My owner would never do that to me! Would he?!?!

What is YOUR 17?!?!

Wait what? Apparently they had a walk out today for the seven-teen people that died in florida. Today my friends and I got seventeen people to sit at the middle tables of the cafeteria. Much better than the walk out, which would have gotten you: A call home, Lunch Detention, and worst of all an “F” in the class you were in! Now that is bad! So you know what I tried and succeeded at? At lunch they always put out two or three tables in the middle of the cafeteria. So what do my friends and I do? Well we get exactly seventeen people to sit in the middle of the cafeteria in honor of the lives lost in florida. That is my 17! What is yours?

The Opposite Of YAY!

Uuuggghhh! It wasn’t that cold out today, but my parents forced me to wear the heaviest shirt I even have in my closet. If I had my choice, I would have been wearing a nice little T-shirt with my classroom jacket and my shell jacket, but noooo! I had to wear a shirt that has and still is driving me crazyyyy! I was just in my car coming home and even the sun through the clouds made me feel a little bit sweaty.I was at least playing on my phone so that at least helped get my mind off the heat… a LITTLE! That on a little!!!

I’m Completely And Utterly TIRED!!!

I’m so incredibly, completely, and utterly TIRED!!! I technically woke up at five fifty-five! Because of the Daylight savings time change were we lose an hour. Which I think is useless because it was pretty much only used for farming. So now it is pretty much useless. I mean all it pretty much does is torcher people by taking away another hour. If we had have a time change I would want it to be that we gain an hour of sleep!!! Seriously though ACTUALLY liked waking up at dark o hundred today. I definitely sure didn’t. Well at least today was an A day at school today. That is always a good thing!!!