Yes, It Finally Happened

I just got my Nintendo Switch on Friday and every day since then has just been really short. Saturday, even though it was raining or misting we still were outside standing under a tree and throwing a basketball up into the tree trying to get soaked by the water that was still on the tree. Sunday we also spent a while outside mowing and doing other yard work. It was also really hot out yesterday, so I thought that maybe we could have a water war when our parents were watering flowers out front, but then we these random people just drive up in a white pickup truck and they put a black paint looking spray on our drive way that they claimed would be 3 times the quality and double the price. Once they finished we realized that it was probably all just a scam. Then to make matters worse it was actually the deck plants that they were talking about and completely could not have the water war! What a bummer. There is good news though I just this morning completed the 2nd world in one of the games on my Nintendo Switch!

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