Da Majical Candy Pt.2

Except That is a lie

This couldn’t even beat pie

Just shut up,  goodBye

We have won

It is 2 against 1

Oh NO NO NO We are not done

Just stop arguing, Or We will torture you and have some fun!

If we win, you get a pun

If you win, we will eat a ton

But we will rule

And Your punishment will be cruel

Now where do you think you are going with this y’all?

This couldn’t win over oatmeal for breakfast in fall

In fact this could not beat anything at all

Everything could beat it, even if it was 10 feet tall

Just take the “L”

You are not doing well

I’m doing way more swell

I could overcome you drowning in a well

Man, When it comes to this your candy can really smell

No you are absolutely wrong

I will use your head as a ball in ping pong

Or make your face turn to smog

I really want to stuff you into a cog

In the End  Mr. Flump decides to buy in

It was worth it even though he had to hit himself with a tin

So now we can finally sleep in

Tomorrow is a new day

So we will floss under our hay

Off on your way

give our candy a stay

Don’t Forget to pay!!!

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