Billy & The Giant


Previously on Billy and the Giant; The whistle was blown just as Billy’s friends are knocked out in mere moments, just as the giant cranks up for one heck of a shot.   

To Billy’s surprise the giant dropped the ball behind his hairy, sweaty, and enormous back. What Billy did not see is that another kid was in the exact same position and caught the ball and let one fly hitting Billy in the stomach. As well as knocking him flat into the wall, but will Billy be out and the game will be over as well as everything else for Billy and his friends or might Billy prevail and the secretive kid be out and bring Niko back in? The question remains until the next episode of Billy and the Giant.

Billy and The Giant

It was a nice day outside and Billy was playing dodgeball with his friends Niko and Robby (Short for Robbino) by his side when a enormous kid joins in on the other team. The whistle blows and the giant trucks little Billy to get to the ball, when Billy starts to back off. In about 5 seconds both of Billy’s friends are knocked out and Billy is the only one still standing on his team. Just when the giant winds up for a sniper. What will happen?

A Fun List of Tiring Things!!!


  • Same thing repeated over and over.
  • People bossing me around.
  • Being Tired it self.
  • Little Kids (kindergartners)
  • Reading
  • Being blamed by some one
  • School Work
  • Thinking to much
  • Lots of talking and screaming
  • Writing
  • Songs I don’t like replayed over and over and over again!!!

Same Thing :(

Life is so tiring. I have such little homework and when I do have homework, I have too much of it. I wish we could make time to make games in English especially. Maybe we could do a class game or something other than our regular routine!!!§§§

Nap Break

Who wishes they could have a  nap break every few days and still get credit for it. I sure do but, I don’t get it anyway. Feel free to reply in a blog of your own or some how get a vote in.

What the Heck!

Somehow this morning I got caught in a argument with my turtle. He was begging for shrimp and oranges through his eyes. First I new to exercise him and get some sugar out of his system. So we played follow the finger. Then I gave him a few pieces of shrimp and a quarter of clementine. Little did I know that he was stocking up the other half cup of shrimp and other three fourths of an orange total from the rest of my family members. After I found this out I promptly tried to remove the junk food (This is junk food for him) when he bit my finger and I woke to see the clock read 4:55 am.

The Mind of my Turtle

My owner is always so drowsy and has dark circles under his eyes. Every so often I hear him thumping around at midnight when I’m floating around. Don’t tell him I told you this but, I’m never really asleep I just float around like I’m dead! He comes home from hockey at 12:15ish every few weeks. I don’t know what that male guardian of that kid is doing up there but, it must be miserable waking up around 6:45! I get to wake up whenever I want! HA HA HA HA!!! This Is coming from the turtle he owns.

My Voice


I just want to go to sleep. I wake up at 10pm and 3am for my blood sugars. Diabetes is really stressful and depressing. My brother is also in elementary school so my dad always comes in my room at around 6:30 – 6:45 ish.