Wind and Trampolines DON’T Go Together

Yesterday we had really bad winds I mean really bad winds. The wind was up to 60 to 65 MPH. In my backyard I have a trampoline, but we don’t have sand bags to hold it down because it kills the grass. My dad wasn’t supposed to be there he was supposed to be in a hotel in the area where we used to live for his work, but he came to visit because he had been gone for a week. He was down their for a class on his work, but he was home and I was glad. When we woke up the trampoline had moved into the corner of our yard, but that wasn’t a big deal except the fact that it crushed a piece of furniture out there. We were all standing in the living room except my two brothers. We were all just hanging out playing a game on our devices, and then my dad looks out the window and the trampoline is flipping over the fence. For this to happen the wind had to get under it. My dad sprinted out there chasing it down the street. My sister, mom, and my older brother run out after him. The trampoline was rolling down the street into our intersection. My family got a hold of it and brought it to the fence. They couldn’t flip it over with the winds and how heavy it was, so they had to tie it to trees with some cords, but not like lamp cords. Once it was done they came inside and were all glad nothing happened to anyone’s property. They were also glad that my dad was there to get it. Now my family knows to tie our trampoline down when there are going to be high winds. Lesson Learned.

I love lacrosse!

Yesterday I had lacrosse it was really fun but really tiring. I am really starting to like my coaches and teammates. My family also just got a lacrosse net so I can practice shooting and I can do some drills with my friends. I like to practice, but sometimes I have a hard time getting it in with my schedule. I always get super excited before practices because I love it so much. I think I will be doing this sport for a while. Usually I switch a lot with sports but I think I will be doing lacrosse for a long time. I think it is so fun, and I get to do it with a bunch of my friends. It is really fun. I don’t know anything about boys lacrosse though I think it is much different. They get pads and helmets. Girls just have goggles and mouth guards, but the goalies do have a lot of pads because people randomly run up and shoot a ball into the net. I think if you are someone who is looking for a sport, and wants to run around with a stick and a ball I recommend lacrosse.

I will take the challenge!

I am starting something new. Everyday in the month of March I am going to post about something involving my life. This challenge is called the Slice of Life challenge. I am super excited to do this challenge. I already have so many things to post about. I even have a little paper blogging calendar, and I put a bunch of blogging ideas. All the posts will be a little random, but this is a change because I won’t really be writing about my notebook or my writings it’ll be more about my life. I do have a lot of things that are going on in the month of March, so I hope you enjoy watching me struggle with ideas, because my calendar isn’t filled up completely.

One of my favorite notebooks

I have a notebook that I really love. On the front of it, It says scribbles that matter and it has a bunch of cute doodles. In the notebook I have some of my own doodles, and I like to make lists of things like what I got for Christmas or admired friends or even admired teachers, and I do put a lot of things or people on my lists. The journal is also a bullet journal so it has a bunch of dots through the whole thing so I don’t really write stories or anything I just doodle and make lists. Now I won’t lie doodling and making lists sometimes can get boring, so I did put some goals in there that I am really trying to follow. I also like to maybe put codes for video games in there even though I am not a big gamer. I have only used a little bit of the notebook but it is still fun to have. I do recommend this journal I think it is a great journal.

love this title page!!!

When I started this notebook I was excited and I knew I had to come up with a title page pretty soon, so I thought about it for a while and when I was in class one day I thought about it and decided I would put a quote on the first page. When I went home I went online and looked for some quotes and then found a very good one about writing I thought it was perfect. The quote was “ Write until it becomes as natural as breathing write until not writing makes you anxious.”. As soon as I saw this quote I knew it was perfect, so I wrote it down on a piece of paper and brought it to school and that is when I got to work. I made the background blue with yellow stars, I made the words write, becomes, breathing, not writing, and anxious very big, and all the other words in between a normal size. Then I made all the words rainbow. I love it a lot and I think it is very pretty.

Cheesiest joke ever!!


Cheesiest joke ever


Do you want to hear the cheesiest joke ever ?

Well even if you didn’t here it is,

Why did the lady get fired from the calendar factory?


Answer: Because she took a few days off.  LOL!!!


P.s. I found this on a cereal box!!




               Once upon a time there was a fairy named Arabella, she was very kind and sweet. She was very happy until one day she found out her father was becoming very ill. He had a very serious illness called bloples. This had caused many fairies to die at one time, and then it became very rare and hard to get, but she was just an unlucky family who got it. Later that year her father passed away. After that Arabella tried to help out around the house as much as she could. She did a lot, but she knew it wasn’t enough. After a couple years her mother started to sneeze and cough. Arabella knew she had to do something. She was not going to let what happened to her father happen to her mother. She had to adventure somewhere where she new she wasn’t supposed to go. It was a place that was forbidden. It was called the winter forest. She told her mom about the long journey, and her mom did not like the idea, but after a lot of convincing her mom still didn’t let her go, so she was going to have to sneak out.


That is all I have for right now of this story, so to see the end of the story you will have to keep checking in.

Welcome to my first blog!!!

Hello! Welcome to my blog I am so excited to share all my stories that I love. I will post on Mondays and Thursdays. I was very excited when my teacher told me we were doing blogs. My blog will be about all my stories and my notebook. I am happy to start my journey. I hope you will join me on this blog and keep checking in. Thank you for starting with me.