Math was really fun!

Today in math it was really fun. Usually we don’t do the most fun things, but today we got to play quizlet live which is really fun. I didn’t win any, because I wasn’t doing the best and I accidentally clicked one in the first round. The second round I got to go with my friend which was nice. I don’t know how many rounds we did though. After that we had to do our formative which was pretty easy, but one question was pretty confusing and I got it wrong. After we did our formative we had to go on IXL which isn’t the best, but I was glad, because I am going to do some before our summative. I was really happy we were doing new things in math and we all most got to do a Kahoot.

Yes Tug of War!

Today was an A-day, so I had history. Usually history isn’t my favorite, but today was really fun because we got to go outside and play tug of war. It was so much fun. It was based on history, because there was a blue team, red team, and a green team. The blue team was the colonists, the red team was the British, and the green was the French and Spanish. The blue team was the shorter people so I was put on that team and the red team was the taller students. The green team was just a mix and they joined the blue team just like how the French and Spanish joined the colonists. When our teacher said go we all pulled and pulled until finally the red team lost just like in the war the British lost and the colonists won. After that we just did a round of girls V.S. boys, and of course the boys won. It was a lot of fun and after we got to run a lap around the track if we wanted to. I did and it was a bad idea, because it was hard to breath after, because of the cold weather, but it was really fun.

Our first Scrimmage!

Today in lacrosse we had our first scrimmage. A scrimmage is like a game, but it doesn’t matter if you win or lose and they don’t keep score. It was really fun I made a really good catch and then gave a really bad throw, but our team was doing really good we made a lot of goals and good passes. It was really fun and after we got Gatorade, cookies, and an orange. It was so much fun I loved it. When I went home I got to hang out with my friend, and that was really fun. Today was really fun.

Tyson’s mall!

Today I went to Tysons mall for my sisters birthday. It was so much fun, and my dad and brothers didn’t get to come. It was just a girls trip, buy it was so much fun. We went to so many stores and I got some new clothes, so I won’t get any clothes for my birthday because now I have already gotten my birthday clothes. It was a very successful trip and it was so much fun. After that we went to a container store and that was pretty fun, there was a lot of containers. Once we were done at the container store we went home for a while then went right back out for dinner. Dinner was really good and fun. Today I had a very successful and fun trip.

She is officialy 17!!

Today is my sisters birthday. She is turning 17. I am so excited, because tomorrow I am going to Tysons mall and I am really excited. Also for birthdays my family does this really cool thing where we put a big piece of white paper across are dining room table, and we draw and color all sorts of things. Today we are doing it while my sister is at school, so she’ll come home to a nice surprise. I am really excited to see what happens when she comes home and sees the dinning room table. I think she is going to love it.


Oh My Gosh 17!

Tomorrow my older sister is turning 17. I am not excited, because when she it just gets her closer to getting older and moving out of the house. I do not want her to move out. She says she wants to move out some time when she is 18, but I don’t want her to at all. I am happy it is her birthday, but sad she is getting closer to leaving. I am really excited though for her birthday, because she invited me to go to Tysons mall, but I don’t know when. Also I am really excited to see what she gets for her birthday presents. I am really excited for tomorrow.

How Dare The Weather Effect My Day!:(

Today our weather was so boring there was the slightest bit of sunshine. The sky was all gray and sad. I feel it put an effect on my day, because I didn’t have the best day. It was really boring and I got a whole bunch of math homework. I also had to do two IXL’s and they were the worst, but I did get to hangout with my friend some and we got to talk, so that was good. Usually I don’t get to hangout with her, because she does musical theater and there working on a play, so they have to finish it before April, because that is when they are performing it. Sorry to write such a sad, bad ,and gray blog post, but it was just my day. How was yours I hope it was good?

The Day We Got Onyx

The day we got Onyx was amazing. Onyx is our puppy English bulldog. He is so cute. When we went to go get him he wasn’t even on our list for picking. The first one we really thought we wanted was a bulldog named Tobias he was adorable, but wasn’t our favorite. The second one was named Otis he was just the cutest, but he was kind of dumb. Every time we took a photo of the puppies he was in the corner and he looked very sleepy. The third one was named Teddy Bear he was really cute, but he would grow up to look just like Bailey our older dog that we have now. We didn’t even look at Onyx for a while, but when we did we realized he was very cute. We all came to a decision and decided Onyx. I am still glad we made that choice he is gonna grow up to be very cute.

Chorus is Not My Favorite

Today at school we had a b-day. B-days are not my favorite, because I have a lot of my least favorite blocks. Chorus is probably one of the worst blocks, because I got put in a class with a couple of boys who like to goof off. We usually don’t learn any songs because we talk so much. Today we were trying to learn a new song and we got pretty far but we didn’t finish, because class ended. Sometimes it is funny and sometimes it is just annoying. Our chorus teacher right now is a long term sub for our old teacher, but our old teacher is coming back. Nobody really knows exactly what happened to our old teacher, but we know she is coming back. We have to learn both are songs before she gets back, so will have two of the four songs done. We do have to learn the other two songs with her, so I am not the most excited. I also wish that our long term sub could be our actual teacher, because she is really nice. Also when our old teacher gets back we are going to have to have rehearsals for our concert, and the rehearsals are the worst because our teacher lets us out late. I am not really excited for her to come back.


The Books I am Reading

A night divided

The book I am reading is called A Night Divided. I am really liking the book it is really interesting. I am so close to finishing it I have about 40 pages left. It is such a good book I will definitely recommend it to people. After I finish A Night Divided I am going to read a book called The Secret Grave. It sounds really interesting and I got it from my school’s book fair. I am so excited to read it. It sounds really interesting. I also got two other books called One For Sorrow and Not if I save you first they sound so interesting.