My first pretty good poem!!!:)

The book thief was a liar


And a spy,the merits of mischief,


The true unstoppable


A tangle of knots, The ungifted,


Odd, weird, and little shadow


The book thief…


Had been inside out and back again


The book thief…


Is okay for now as he


Has half a chance left


To be true to himself




               Once upon a time there was a fairy named Arabella, she was very kind and sweet. She was very happy until one day she found out her father was becoming very ill. He had a very serious illness called bloples. This had caused many fairies to die at one time, and then it became very rare and hard to get, but she was just an unlucky family who got it. Later that year her father passed away. After that Arabella tried to help out around the house as much as she could. She did a lot, but she knew it wasn’t enough. After a couple years her mother started to sneeze and cough. Arabella knew she had to do something. She was not going to let what happened to her father happen to her mother. She had to adventure somewhere where she new she wasn’t supposed to go. It was a place that was forbidden. It was called the winter forest. She told her mom about the long journey, and her mom did not like the idea, but after a lot of convincing her mom still didn’t let her go, so she was going to have to sneak out.


That is all I have for right now of this story, so to see the end of the story you will have to keep checking in.