My first pretty good poem!!!:)

The book thief was a liar


And a spy,the merits of mischief,


The true unstoppable


A tangle of knots, The ungifted,


Odd, weird, and little shadow


The book thief…


Had been inside out and back again


The book thief…


Is okay for now as he


Has half a chance left


To be true to himself

This Is My Poem About Poetry!

Poetry is…

A dream

How I express myself

Like onions and peaches, because I can hate it and love it

Poetry is…

Like jelly beans, because there are so many different types

The final door at the end of the hall of the soul

Like a blank canvas

Poetry is…

A type of tree with writing on it

Taking risks with words

Like a waterfall the ideas flow and ripple

I Have Completed The Challenge!

It is finally the last day of the slice of life challenge. I loved the challenge and I am so glad I finished it successfully I never missed a day. I loved the challenge so much, but I got tired of it and there were times when I wanted to quit, but I didn’t and I finished it. I am so relieved I am writing my last blog post for this challenge. I have made officially 31 blog posts including this one. I have made one for each day. I even scheduled blog posts, so I wouldn’t fail while I was on the cruise. I am ending this blogging challenge strong, proud, and most of all I am ending this challenge LOVING it. I am so glad I did this challenge and next year I am probably going to do it again. This was a very fun, stressful, and very hard challenge. I loved it.

I had a lot of fun tonight!

Today I had a lot of fun. We got to go to a fun dinner with my friends. The girls in the family are twins, so when I go over there I have two friends to hang out with. We went over for dinner and after we got to hangout. We did a really fun obstacle course, and then we started to watch Netflix. After a while we went up to get ice cream. A little later one of the twins brought down slime, so we played with that, and watched Netflix. After a little while one of the twins went to bed, so I played with the other one. It was really fun we played air hockey, but then I had to leave. I still had so much fun.

I am having so much fun!

Today I am having so much fun, because I got to see my friend after 6 days of being on a cruise. We are having so much fun, but she had to go somewhere with her family, but we are going to hang out when she comes back. I did have so much fun on my cruise, but I missed my dogs, I missed her, and most of all I missed my house. It was nice to sleep in my bed and shower in my shower. I am so excited to hang out with my friend when she comes back. I can’t stop thinking about how fun the cruise was. I am so excited to start hanging out with my friend again.

Yay! Going Home!

I am sad the cruise is over, but really happy that I am going home. I am also really happy, because we get to fly home and I think that is the best kind of travel, because it is so fun to go on. I am also really excited to see my dogs again. I love and miss them so much. They are really annoying, but so fun to be around. I also really miss my bed and room. My bed is so comfy and cozy. I also really want to shower in my shower. When I get home I don’t know what I am going to do.

I Am Sad We Have To Leave Tomorrow

I am having so much fun and I am so sad that we have to leave tomorrow. I am quite excited to get home and sleep in my own bed, but I am still going to enjoy my last day here. I can’t wait for dinner, because they usually serve really good dinners on the last day and they do really fun and cool activities during it. I am really happy that we got to go on another Disney cruise, because they are so much fun, and I love to go on them. I think this is definitely one of my favorite vacations, and I have so much fun on them.

I Am Having So Much Fun!

I am having so much fun on the cruise it is so fun. All the food is delicious, and the beaches are so fun. I can’t wait to go souvenir shopping, because I love how cute the things are that they sell. I am also having a lot of fun at the beaches it is so nice to actually see nice warm weather, and the sand is so warm under my feet. I also love the nice smell of the ocean, and the ocean cools me down when I get to hot from being on the beach. I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.


My dogs are going to have some fun!

While I am at the cruise my dogs had to go somewhere, so we have to have one of our house cleaners to watch them. I am glad they have somewhere to stay and the house cleaner has another dog to so I think my dogs will really like it. One of my dogs has already gone and she really loved it, but we got another one and I think he will like it to. He just loves to play and play and be annoying, so it will be nice to get away from them for a while. Also when our older bulldog went to stay there when she came back she tried to leave with them again and she barely gave us attention it was very rude. I don’t think the puppy will do that though he loves us so much and he is so cute.

After Spring Break?

I am really upset, because after I get back from my cruise I have to study for my history test, because my teacher put it after spring break, because of the snow. I don’t really want to do that, because we will have to go back and remember all the stuff we talked about before spring break. I am really not happy about it. I am also not excited about it. History is not one of my favorite subjects. It gets a little boring, and for the test I think we also have to write an essay, but I am glad for the snow and that I got to play in it ,because it was really fun.