Yay Snow!!!

Finally! Today it actually snowed there was quite a bit of it to. I was so happy it is so much fun to play in, and I was eating a lot of it. Most of the day I was out playing in it, but at the end of today I went inside, because it was to cold. I went outside twice the first time I went out it was all perfect and pretty and all my snow clothes were dry, but the second time I went outside my clothes were wet and a lot of the road had gotten plowed. I was so glad to see it actually snow, because my friend and her family had never really seen a really good snow before, and today they looked like they were having so much fun. I also got to just play inside with my friend some and then I got to get really cozy with my family and watch our favorite family show. Today I had so much fun.

I Love Attendance!

In English instead of normal boring attendance where the teacher says your name and you say here or the teacher just counts the number of students my English teacher gives really cool attendance questions. Today our attendance question was What’s your favorite sound in nature. I said the sound of rain, because I love to hear it hitting my house or if I am in my car driving and it is hitting it. Another person in my class said they love the sound of when they step on leaves and it crunches I love that one to. I love how my teacher makes attendance so fun and interesting. When I grow up if I become a teacher making fun attendance questions is definitely what I would want to do.

I Am So Excited for Spring Break!

I am so excited, because this week is the week before spring break. I only have a four day week, because on Friday I am flying to Miami to get on a cruise. I am so excited, because it is a Disney Cruise and we are going to a bunch of beaches. But I am kind of sad, because we won’t be at sea at all. We will be traveling at night and then we are going to wake up and be at a beach. I love to be on sea, because there is a lot of fun activities, so I am hoping we will stay on the boat for at least some of the time we are at beaches. I also thought that the cruise was going to be my entire spring break and I wasn’t happy about that, because I wouldn’t get time to hang out with my friends, but I found out it was only till Wednesday. So now I am really happy, because now I can have a sleepover with my friend. I am so excited for Spring break.

We lost:( But It’s okay

Today in lacrosse we had a scrimmage. It is basically a practice, because the scores don’t really matter and your supposed to learn from it. We did pretty good, except the field we were on was really bumpy and we usually play on turf. Since it was so bumpy we were having a really hard time scooping which is where you bend down and scoop the ball, and we were not catching as well as we can so that made us drop the ball and then we had to scoop. The score was not very good. We had lost by quite a bit. The score was nine to three. We had only made three goals, and they made nine! They were really good, but it wasn’t that we weren’t playing good and working hard it was just we weren’t scoring. It was a good game and I learned quite a bit and it was really fun, so even if we lost I am glad I went.

I couldn’t find my goggles!

Today I had lacrosse practice, but before practice I was freaking out, because I couldn’t find my goggles. I was really freaking out, because if I don’t have my goggles I can’t play. After a while I was starting to calm down, because I realized they might have an extra pair. When we got in the car we were talking about it for a little while, but then we stopped. When we got to lacrosse I went up to one of the coaches and told them. They said I wouldn’t be able to play without my goggles, but then a girl on my team said she had an extra pair of googles. I was really happy I got to play, and my dad got me some new goggles, so I was happy.

Caution: Severely boring!

I have no clue what to write about. My head is empty. I don’t have my blogging calendar, so I can’t look at what I was going to write about today. I don’t know how I am going to get this blog all the way up to 100 words. That is going to be my challenge on this blog post. I am going to get this blog post to 100. I don’t know what to talk about, so you might get severely bored of this blog post, but I am sorry. I don’t want to put random words, but I also do. YES! 100 words. Challenge complete. Thanks for listening to my boring story.

I am having a good day!

Today I had a math test. I was kind of excited when I was about to do it, because the stuff that the test was about wasn’t that hard if you remembered everything. I felt really comfortable going in to the test and finishing the test. After the test I was also really happy, because I got to work on my math homework, and it wasn’t hard so I finished it. When I got home I went out to dinner and then just had the rest of the night to do things I wanted to do, but soon I have to go to lacrosse. I am really excited, because the last time we had lacrosse it was a scrimmage and now it is just a practice and I love practices.

My 17!

Today I finally found out what my 17 was going to be. A 17 is one or more kind things you are going to do for the Florida school shooting. It was a tragedy of what happen. For my 17 I am going to get a bunch of sticky notes and write positive notes on them. After that I am going to place them on a bunch of desks when I leave my classes. I have already started writing phrases on the sticky notes and then I just have to place them on the desk.

Math was really fun!

Today in math it was really fun. Usually we don’t do the most fun things, but today we got to play quizlet live which is really fun. I didn’t win any, because I wasn’t doing the best and I accidentally clicked one in the first round. The second round I got to go with my friend which was nice. I don’t know how many rounds we did though. After that we had to do our formative which was pretty easy, but one question was pretty confusing and I got it wrong. After we did our formative we had to go on IXL which isn’t the best, but I was glad, because I am going to do some before our summative. I was really happy we were doing new things in math and we all most got to do a Kahoot.

Yes Tug of War!

Today was an A-day, so I had history. Usually history isn’t my favorite, but today was really fun because we got to go outside and play tug of war. It was so much fun. It was based on history, because there was a blue team, red team, and a green team. The blue team was the colonists, the red team was the British, and the green was the French and Spanish. The blue team was the shorter people so I was put on that team and the red team was the taller students. The green team was just a mix and they joined the blue team just like how the French and Spanish joined the colonists. When our teacher said go we all pulled and pulled until finally the red team lost just like in the war the British lost and the colonists won. After that we just did a round of girls V.S. boys, and of course the boys won. It was a lot of fun and after we got to run a lap around the track if we wanted to. I did and it was a bad idea, because it was hard to breath after, because of the cold weather, but it was really fun.