How Dare The Weather Effect My Day!:(

Today our weather was so boring there was the slightest bit of sunshine. The sky was all gray and sad. I feel it put an effect on my day, because I didn’t have the best day. It was really boring and I got a whole bunch of math homework. I also had to do two IXL’s and they were the worst, but I did get to hangout with my friend some and we got to talk, so that was good. Usually I don’t get to hangout with her, because she does musical theater and there working on a play, so they have to finish it before April, because that is when they are performing it. Sorry to write such a sad, bad ,and gray blog post, but it was just my day. How was yours I hope it was good?

3 thoughts on “How Dare The Weather Effect My Day!:(

  1. I always feel like the weather is invading my feelings but I had a good day until now! I am making the smallest mistakes and it is getting me so FRUSTRATED!

  2. Your blog titles are excellent. I always think: I’m just stopping by to read a few, but then the NEXT title gets my attention, and I keep reading and reading and reading …

    You’re a great blogger!

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