I Have Completed The Challenge!

It is finally the last day of the slice of life challenge. I loved the challenge and I am so glad I finished it successfully I never missed a day. I loved the challenge so much, but I got tired of it and there were times when I wanted to quit, but I didn’t and I finished it. I am so relieved I am writing my last blog post for this challenge. I have made officially 31 blog posts including this one. I have made one for each day. I even scheduled blog posts, so I wouldn’t fail while I was on the cruise. I am ending this blogging challenge strong, proud, and most of all I am ending this challenge LOVING it. I am so glad I did this challenge and next year I am probably going to do it again. This was a very fun, stressful, and very hard challenge. I loved it.

I had a lot of fun tonight!

Today I had a lot of fun. We got to go to a fun dinner with my friends. The girls in the family are twins, so when I go over there I have two friends to hang out with. We went over for dinner and after we got to hangout. We did a really fun obstacle course, and then we started to watch Netflix. After a while we went up to get ice cream. A little later one of the twins brought down slime, so we played with that, and watched Netflix. After a little while one of the twins went to bed, so I played with the other one. It was really fun we played air hockey, but then I had to leave. I still had so much fun.

I am having so much fun!

Today I am having so much fun, because I got to see my friend after 6 days of being on a cruise. We are having so much fun, but she had to go somewhere with her family, but we are going to hang out when she comes back. I did have so much fun on my cruise, but I missed my dogs, I missed her, and most of all I missed my house. It was nice to sleep in my bed and shower in my shower. I am so excited to hang out with my friend when she comes back. I can’t stop thinking about how fun the cruise was. I am so excited to start hanging out with my friend again.

Yay! Going Home!

I am sad the cruise is over, but really happy that I am going home. I am also really happy, because we get to fly home and I think that is the best kind of travel, because it is so fun to go on. I am also really excited to see my dogs again. I love and miss them so much. They are really annoying, but so fun to be around. I also really miss my bed and room. My bed is so comfy and cozy. I also really want to shower in my shower. When I get home I don’t know what I am going to do.

I Am Sad We Have To Leave Tomorrow

I am having so much fun and I am so sad that we have to leave tomorrow. I am quite excited to get home and sleep in my own bed, but I am still going to enjoy my last day here. I can’t wait for dinner, because they usually serve really good dinners on the last day and they do really fun and cool activities during it. I am really happy that we got to go on another Disney cruise, because they are so much fun, and I love to go on them. I think this is definitely one of my favorite vacations, and I have so much fun on them.

I Am Having So Much Fun!

I am having so much fun on the cruise it is so fun. All the food is delicious, and the beaches are so fun. I can’t wait to go souvenir shopping, because I love how cute the things are that they sell. I am also having a lot of fun at the beaches it is so nice to actually see nice warm weather, and the sand is so warm under my feet. I also love the nice smell of the ocean, and the ocean cools me down when I get to hot from being on the beach. I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.


My dogs are going to have some fun!

While I am at the cruise my dogs had to go somewhere, so we have to have one of our house cleaners to watch them. I am glad they have somewhere to stay and the house cleaner has another dog to so I think my dogs will really like it. One of my dogs has already gone and she really loved it, but we got another one and I think he will like it to. He just loves to play and play and be annoying, so it will be nice to get away from them for a while. Also when our older bulldog went to stay there when she came back she tried to leave with them again and she barely gave us attention it was very rude. I don’t think the puppy will do that though he loves us so much and he is so cute.

After Spring Break?

I am really upset, because after I get back from my cruise I have to study for my history test, because my teacher put it after spring break, because of the snow. I don’t really want to do that, because we will have to go back and remember all the stuff we talked about before spring break. I am really not happy about it. I am also not excited about it. History is not one of my favorite subjects. It gets a little boring, and for the test I think we also have to write an essay, but I am glad for the snow and that I got to play in it ,because it was really fun.

Why 4:00 A.M:(

Today I had to get up at 4:00 in the morning, because we had to leave for our plane at 4:30. It was crazy, but I am so excited and I can’t wait to get on the cruise, but I won’t be able to blog about it because I won’t have Wi-Fi, but I will definitely blog about it when I get back. I can not wait to get on this boat, but I am also really excited, because we are flying there and I LOVE to go on airplanes. I think they are so much fun, but I always get scared I am going to leave something on it and then I would never get it back, but I am going to make sure whatever I take out of my carry on gets back into the bag. I can’t wait for this cruise.

I am not going to fail!

Today I have to write 7 blog post for the blogging challenge, because I won’t be here for a couple of days and I really don’t want to give up on this challenge. Yesterday I almost failed it, because I wasn’t going to write one, so I was just going to fail it, but I decided I was not going to fail this challenge. I started this challenge and I am going to finish it. I am also far in it so why turn back now. I know I can finish this challenge, and I am going to. I am really happy with my decision and I am glad I am not going to give up. I feel like I will definitely not regret this decision. I am really happy I made it to.