Cheesiest joke ever!!


Cheesiest joke ever


Do you want to hear the cheesiest joke ever ?

Well even if you didn’t here it is,

Why did the lady get fired from the calendar factory?


Answer: Because she took a few days off.  LOL!!!


P.s. I found this on a cereal box!!

5 thoughts on “Cheesiest joke ever!!

  1. That joke is veeeeeeeeeery cheeeeeeesey!! Also what cereal box did you find that off of? Was it off a coco puff box or a Cinnamon toast crunch box.

    • I would love for it to go on the b-am news I will look out for it if it does. Thanks!

  2. That joke was cheesy but the cheesiest joke ever is probably…

    Do you want to hear the joke about the Pizza?


    I won’t tell you it’s too cheesy!

    Get it!

    • That is very cheesy I think it might be more cheesy than mine.

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