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The art of drawing

I love drawing it is my most favorite thing to do. I can draw really nice pictures. Especially ponies and people. Drawing is something you have to do with calm and peace not in a angry and frustrated mind. Art is another type of yoga or meditation for me. Drawing helps me calm down when I am frustrated. I calm down after a few minutes and draw the best I can. Art also has to be done with focus.Focus on the thing your drawing and make it creative and different than other drawings. I hope you learned something about the art of drawing!

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My birthday

February 4th is my birthday . It is such a coincidence that my Dads birthday is February 5th and that it was Super Bowl day. Rosa Parks and I also have the same birthday. I am so happy because I am finally 12. I am called a tween get it. Next year I will be turning 13. My Dad will be 40. I am growing so fast. I remember being in kindergarten. I miss those days. To bad I can’t be younger anymore. I will just have to cherish my memories.

To happy


My birthday is on  Sunday, February 4 and I am so excited because it is super bowl day and I am voting for Philadelphia eagles. I really want them to win! I am turning 12 this year. Me, Rosa Parks and Lakshita have the same birthday. My Dad’s birthday is February 5. I was born 2 hours before my Dad’s birthday. I was the most precious gift ever.