A visit to the bathroom


Look, it’s a race car!

It is driving him to the big, big bar.

Oh no, it’s not just a regular bar.

It has a gym, too!

I was amazed, but

I had to use the loo!

I quickly ran to the nearest store,

Going into one with gore.

I step inside,

Extremely horrified!

I run out of the store!

I run to the next one,

Where I see people having fun!

I know this store is right for me.

I step inside and

Head right for the bathroom.

I finish up what I do,

And go back home.

The Anger Poem

As I dash,

I just smash

Everything in my way

In the day.

As I dab,

I call a cab

The driver takes me home.

I open the door,

I go in my house, not knowing

What to do.

My mom called me for dinner

And I ate some tofu,

And disliked it.

I threw a big fit,

And thought it was lit,

And then I went to sleep.

The next day, I awoke

Hungry and tired.

I got a call from my boss and

he said, ”I was fired!”

I flipped out

And gave a big shout.

As I lay on the couch,

All I can do is slouch,

My destiny deciding what

Will happen to me next.

Midnight Sky

The breezy chill

blows my hair

and gives me a cold feeling.

Unexpectedly, I get a

warm feeling inside of me

which gives me warmth

through the cold night.

I stare at the midnight sky,

amazed by the view and

the stars shining bright in the

vast darkness of space.

I close my eyes and dream

of me flying through the air,

taking my place beside the stars.

I run through the dark,

giving light in place of it.

I shine as bright as a diamond.

I open my eyes again and I stand there

still, staring at the midnight sky.

SOL#3- Fortnite

Fortnite is the best game ever created in the whole world, but I don’t understand why parents don’t like their kids playing Fortnite. The purpose of the game is to be the last person surviving. The only way to achieve this is to survive the storm that is enclosing in on you and eliminate everyone else on your server. But the hard part about all of this is, if somebody that is really good and has been playing the game for a long time is on your server and he finds you, you are in trouble. He/she will probably eliminate you in seconds. You have to stay on the lookout and make sure nobody is around you. You can also hide in bushes, but that is not what I do because I am not a noob. I recommend building a base or something above ground so you have a height advantage. But the only way to build is to get the resources. You can only do this by cutting down trees and walls in the game. There is also a story mode, but the regular mode is so expensive! It is $39.99!!! I will probably never get it. The good part is that it will become free in June 2018. So I will be waiting for it to come out. Anyways, Fortnite is the game you would want right now. The choice is up to you!

SOL#2- Going to Dubai and India next Saturday

I am going to Dubai and India next Saturday because 1) We want to see what Dubai is like and visit mosques and stuff, 2) I need to go to an interview in India for the new boarding school I am going to, which is called Good Shepherd International School. At the boarding school, there are a lot of different activities there. There are all the sports in the world there and there is also mountain climbing, hiking, rifle shooting, etc. It is rated #4 for being a really good boarding school. Also, there is a variety of things you can learn there to make sure you have a good future ahead of you. There is learning coding, computer technology, math, history, etc. I am so excited to go to this place! But, I will miss my dear friends very much and I will stay there for a whole year! I will come back in 8th grade, but i am afraid that my best friends will forget me. I hope I enjoy my time there!

SOL #1-The day of my brother’s Odyssey Of Mind competition

On Saturday, It was my brother’s Odyssey Of Mind competition. We woke up at 8:00 AM and showered and brushed. I was so tired and I got angry at my dad for waking me up on a Saturday, a day I could relax and chill all day while playing video games. We got in the car and drove to McDonald’s to get breakfast. We never go to McDonald’s to get breakfast. We went to Park View High School, where the tournament was held. It was so boring when we got there because we had to wait 3 hours for the tournament to start. We were the first people there. It took 20 minutes to find my brother’s other group. My brother had to go to something called the “Spontaneous Games”. The thing was, I didn’t get to see him play the “Spontaneous Games”. Then, we had to wait 4 HOURS! My dad went out to get pizza and came back 3 HOURS LATER! I mean, how long does it take to get pizza!?!? After eating pizza, it was time for my brother’s showing. He and his team made a theme of not throwing trash in the environment. It was really good, but their structure failed HORRIBLY. They got 4th place though, and that was in the whole Odyssey Of Mind Competition!!! I was incredibly impressed and thought they weren’t gonna make it that far. Finally, we ended everything with a goodbye and the sad part for my brother was that that was the last day of Odyssey Of Mind. But the good part was that everybody on his team went to his school.


Memes. That is what everybody is talking about. Even I love memes!!! I mostly say, “HE NEED SOME MILK!”. It is so funny and my friends say that it is my line. They also think it is annoying when I say it. Memes have ruined my life (kind of). People don’t like me sometimes because of me saying memes. I don’t know who made up memes, but they sure are funny sometimes. But, it gets boring after a while. I don’t say memes anymore. Memes are what Youtubers use for their videos sometimes. It is what makes my most favorite Youtuber funny! Life would be way more different than now if memes weren’t a thing. So I thank the person who made memes.

Ode To Friends

What do friends

Mean to


Do they mean



Do they mean



What friends mean

To me are

All of those



Friends for me

Are so much


They play with you,

Have fun with you,

And have good advice, too!

My friends do these things,

But they still do more!

Facing My Fear Of Heights


I was in Florida 2 years ago in Universal Studios, one of the most best places to go have fun. I went on all the rides there (literally! Except for the kid rides). But, there was still one more ride to face. It was called the…. Hollywood…. Rip… Ride…. Rockit!!! It was the biggest, baddest ride ever. But one thing was wrong. It was over 300 FEET TALL and was a roller coaster! I was about to go on a ride that would drop me 300 feet. I waited in line and it took 30 mins. When it was time for me to go, I was gonna go on the front row seat! I was too nervous and traded with some people behind us. They got really excited and said, “Thank You!” like 10 times. I got on and strapped myself to the seat (the workers did). I was so nervous and almost peed in my pants! The crazy part was that the 300 foot tall hill was right in front of us, so when the ride started, we went straight up vertical (literally vertical) and got us prepared for the drop! I opened my eyes wide open when we were about to go down and…. It felt like we dropped 10 feet! After the drop, there was a loop. This wasn’t a regular loop though. It flipped us backward and then faced us upward and then back downward. The rest of the roller coaster was normal. After I got off, I was dizzy and my ribs hurt. But one good thing happened. I lost my fear of heights.

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