Poetry Challenge Day 15: Homework


I sat at my table,


to do my homework.

I had a paper I needed to do.

On a book that I needed to renew.

I had a math worksheet,

that was a difficult feat.

 I have a test I need to study for,

on warthogs and boars.

But I’ll do this tomorrow.

Poetry Challenge Day 14: The Pink Tree


The pink tree 

was living happily,

with seeds as friends,

and weeds as foes.

The pink tree giggled,

as his pink leaves tickled.

The tree’s smile,

wasn’t at all hostile.

But soon the pink trees leaves turned pale,

the and the trees branches turned frail.

and the trees smile turned upside down,

into a sad frown.

All the way for the snow,

a non-tree friendly foe. 

Poetry Challenge Day 10: The House Rules


Now I hope you will behave,

while I go to the meeting to debate.

The house rules are;

no talking to people you don’t know,

for they could be a foe.

No taking more than one cookie from the jar,

otherwise you’ll be fighting a sugar war.

Eat your vegetables,

because they will make you incredible.

If in emergency,

call me quickly.

And remember,

tell these house rules to your babysitter.

Poetry Challenge Day 9: Poems Are Like…


Poems are like a waterfall,

Ideas flowing and rippling.

Poems are like sunshine greeting me.

Poems are like a jar of multicolored jellybeans.

Poems are like a never ending road of creativity.

Poems are like a sweet cupcake.

Poems are like a blank canvas turning into a masterpiece.

Poems are like a song, rhythmic and calming.

Poems are like an escape from reality.

Poems are like taking risks with your words.

Poems are just like you.

Poetry Challenge Day 8: Candy is…

Today I’m going to be writing a poem called “Candy is” so I hope you like it.


Candy is tangy,

Candy is sweet,

Candy is tasty,

Candy is an awesome treat!

Candy is tall,

Candy is small,

Candy is wide,

Candy can take you on for a ride.

Candy might cost more than a dime,

so savor it and take your time.

Candy is powerful,

candy is wonderful.

Though I don’t think our teeth,

will like this feat.




Poetry Challenge Day 7: I Got Into Detention

Today I’m making a poem called “I Got Into Detention”. I hope you enjoy.


Dear Mom, I got into detention

because I was being a bit of a trouble-maker,

for being a faker.

I might’ve tried to cheat on my test,

’cause I thought my score wouldn’t be the best.

Now you probably wont give me affection for being in detention.

Anyways I got to write lines, got to go!







Poetry Challenge Day 6: The Test

Hello everyone! So I’m sorry that I didn’t post a poem for the last three days. Now I’m going to try and make up my missed poems. The poem I’m going to be doing today is called “The Test”. I hope you enjoy.


We have a test,

I’ll go do my best.

I studied all night,

I hope I’ll do all right

with all my might.

Every question I came across,

I was at no loss.

When I was done,

I felt like I won.

When our teacher gave us our grade,

I was shocked but it started to fade.

I got an A,

there is only one thing to say,