A Fawn is on our Lawn!

I just went in my house and I’m excited. My family was having a regular afternoon when my Dad rushed in the house saying there was a fawn on our lawn. We all went out of the house, sure enough, there was a small fawn just curled up in the grass in the rain. Our neighbors were already there, one of our neighbors said that they called Animal Control, they said not to worry because they said that the fawn is probably here because the mom thought it was a safe place and will most likely come back. But if the fawn is still here by morning, we will have to call them again and something must’ve happened to the mom. My mom asked if we could at least put an umbrella near it so it won’t get wet, but our neighbor said no because the fawn might get scared if we get near it and the fawn is used to sleeping without a roof over its head. So we went inside leaving the fawn behind, but we did take some pictures! Here it is…

Isn’t it cute?! Anyway I decided I should take a better picture but when we went out on our lawn, our neighbors said that the fawn ran away, so I had to deal with the pictures I already took. So hopefully the fawn is safe with its mother and eating healthy grass. Hopefully!

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