Poetry Challenge Day 3: Where is it?

Everyone, today I’m going to be sharing a poem that I created. Its called “Where is it?”. I can relate to this poem because I often lose my stuff. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this poem.


Where is it?

In my drawer? No.

Under the bed? Nope.

In my closet? Nah.

On the couch? Nada.

Where is it?!

Hey what’s that in the doghouse?

Oh no…


That’s not food!

Oh this isn’t good!


Oh dear…

I guess I’ll have to tell my teacher tomorrow,

that it is with great sorrow that my dog ate my homework.


One thought on “Poetry Challenge Day 3: Where is it?

  1. Haha! This poem made me laugh! It feels exactly like this when I can’t find something. You are quite a good poet!

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