Poetry Challenge Day 2: The Trouble-Makers School

So today I’m going to be sharing my poetry this time dealing with something…not as gloomy as my last poem. So instead here is a limerick I made. Its called “The Trouble-Makers School” so I hope you like it.

                                                          The Trouble-Makers School

                                                          Chaos in the halls,

                                                          is happening in the school walls.

                                                         Trouble-makers and trouble,

                                                         have been leaving behind nothing but rubble.

                                                         The Teachers Association,

                                                         has been getting exhaustion.

                                                          So they all quit,

                                                          because they couldn’t stand the students wit!

                                                         Though to the principals frustration

                                                          many people who wanted teacher jobs thought with hesitation.

                                                          Meanwhile, the students were getting more rambunctious with their pranks,

                                                         and decided to create Trouble-Maker Ranks.

                                                         The principal couldn’t stand it!

                                                         He didn’t like these students one bit!

                                                         So he became a store clerk,

                                                         for his work.

                                                         The Students freedom had been won,

                                                         So they changed the school with fun.

                                                         They changed the Gym to a water park,

                                                         recreated the computer lab into an arcade,

                                                         turned the auditorium into a movie theater,

                                                          switched the cafeteria food to junk food of all sorts,

                                                          and so much more,

                                                          that the school was not a bore!

                                                          So that’s the story of a school,

                                                           the one where the students rule!


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