SOL Day 10: The Forgetting Curse

I completely forgot to put the Slice of Life logo for my last three blog posts. So if you noticed that there’s logos for my last three blog posts, its because I just uploaded the pictures. Anyhow, that’s the second mistake I made in a row! Lately, I’ve been forgetting things like my glove,the blog, the SOL pictures… well, you get the idea. You know, at the beginning of the 6th grade year I kept on forgetting things, like my pencil case, my binder… you get the idea. As a joke, I called my habit of forgetting things, The Forgetting Curse. Suddenly, I stopped forgetting stuff. Everyone, The Forgetting Curse is back.

SOL Day 9: How I lost my glove, was almost late to the bus and was utterly exhausted

Today I’m going to be sharing how I lost my glove, was almost late to the bus and was utterly exhausted. It all started when school let out. After I packed my backpack I ran to the music room where my instrument case was stored. As I was running, I absent-mindedly put my hand in my pocket where my gloves were. The thing is, one of my gloves were GONE! I was super annoyed and thought that If I grab my instrument case and went to the Lost and Found, I would find my glove and go home. After I grabbed my instrument case I ran to the Lost and Found(or tried, instrument cases are HEAVY!)When I reached the Lost and Found, I saw my glove on top of some jackets. I finally ran ( I ran a LOT.) all the way to the buses. Unfortunately my bus was in a different spot almost EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. When I FINALLY found it, I climbed in. Just in time actually, because the buses were just about to leave! You couldn’t believe how UTTERLY EXHAUSTED I was. But now that I’m home, and it’s unofficially the weekend and relaxed, everything’s good! Just don’t end up having a tale like MINE… 


SOL Day 8: Why homework, WHY?!

HATE homework  and I have so much of it! It’s the worst invention and possibly the most useless thing in the world. Like, what’s the point?! Can’t we just have no homework? I mean we students practically study all through school, now people wants us to study at home as well? Its just plain awful. Besides, homework is a primary source of stress, something horrible for emotional control. Besides, most students would rather NOT have homework than have it. I wish that if I had a time machine, I would travel back in time and make sure that home work was never ever invented. EVER. That is why I hate homework.




I haven’t blogged In about 3 DAYS! Is something wrong with me? Am I suffering a disease called Forgetfulness? I sure hope not, but based on what happened these days, it must be! (sigh), just please comment ways about how I can’t forget about  blogging. Because that would be most appreciated. I’m just gonna blog all the blog posts that I accidentally forgot to do today. Well on Wednesday, I had running club. In running club we had to do 12 laps around the track. That’s 3.2 miles! After a few days on the track, we will start running from the track all the way to North Star Boulevard and back again. After running practice, my legs were so wobbly, that I almost fell down the stairs. I’M NOT KIDDING. Well that’s my Wednesday for you I guess. Anyways,have a good day.

SOL Day 6: Just keep on swimming, keep on swimming!

Hey everyone so today I had swimming lessons. I learned how to do a stroke and freestyle. It’s pretty good, I just have wet hair and chlorine still in my mouth. I wonder how fish learn to swim? Do their parents teach them when they’re little baby fish? Or is swimming a natural instinct for the fish? If fish do have a natural instinct on how to swim, then how come HUMANS can’t automatically know how to swim?! Oh, why are fish so LUCKY?! Though then again… how often are we going to find ourselves in a life-threatening situation where we have to swim? I mean, when are we going to find ourselves when a boat is sinking? Maybe about a 5 percent or 10 percent chance. Anyways I guess we should all remember what Dory said on Finding Memo. ‘Just keep on swimming, keep on swimming!’

SOL Challenge Day 5: New symbol

   You are probably wondering why does this blog post look so different. Well its because this is the new symbol for the Slice of Life challenge. I will be using this to represent it. Also, for the title I know what your thinking. Why does it say ‘SOL Day 5’ instead of ‘Slice of Life Challenge Day 5’ ? Well don’t be mistaken for Sol’s coming up in 6th grade, SOL is just short for Slice of Life. Simple and to the point. Anyhow I hope you are having a great day because I am! (After catching up in the subjects I missed of course). So today I want to recommend the Two Writing Teachers blog. This duo is amazing and you’ll see how to get there right on the SOL picture. Anyways, that’s all the news I have right now, so have a FANTASTIC MONDAY!!!!!!!!

Slice of Life Challenge Day 4: Rain Check!

Today we have a weekend fading away to a school day. I have to admit, my fever’s been wearing off lately. So now I only have a horrible, no good, rotten stuffy nose. Believe me, its as bad as it sounds. Also can I say why does North America have horrible weather? Its been storming for the past 3 days. When can there be sunshine,  no having to wear jackets, and short sleeve t-shirts? (Those of you who like winter, I’m sorry to say that I hate it). If I had a magical wand that could do anything in the world, the first thing I would do is not get the worst fevers ever! Well I guess today is a raincheck of my life, anyways see you later.

Slice of Life Challenge Day 3: Sick Mornings

If you’re not a morning person, than you understand that mornings are probably the worst for you. Being the morning person that I am, mornings don’t bother me too much. But if you combine a morning with you sick in bed, you feel like you’ve been hit with an ANTI-FLU SHOT! For me, It’s like saying ,’okay I know my way around school’ an then the next morning ‘Um… does anyone knows where classroom102 is?’ . Now that I’m sick it’s like this a lot. Its basically rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat etc. I can’t wait to get my doctors degree when I get older, that way I can cure MYSELF when I get sick!


Slice of Life Challenge Day 2: Its Bad weather today isn’t it?

Today school was cancelled due to a storm from yesterday night. Which is good because seeing that I’m sick, I would’ve been a bit behind. But now I’m okay because I’m not. (Sorry if the last sentence was confusing)

Anyways I just really hope this fever goes away because I don’t want to spend a my weekend being sick. That’s just not fun at all…


The power shut off  so I couldn’t finish this blog post up. And now that we have Wi-Fi back and the internet is running, where was I? Oh yeah, I was saying how being sick is no fun at all. Well that’s true! Anyways, I hope your spending your weekend being sick-free! Because I’m not…:(

Slice of Life Challenge Day 1: Fever

Today I’m not at school right now because I’m sick with a fever. My first Slice of Life blog post and I’m sick. Why do I always have bad luck? Anyways being sick is not fun at all. I mean in some cases like, if you would rather be sick with a annoying fever or just go to school. What would you choose? I mean, if I wasn’t sick and I didn’t have any school today, I’d go/do ;

  1. The Bahamas.
  2. Play games all day.
  3. Not be sick.
  4. Go over to my friends house after school.
  5. Just relax.
  6. Play some music and read.

I guess this is a decent place to start. Well anyways, I think it’s time for me to get away from the computer now. Oh and before you go, remember to have a GREAT DAY!!!