SOL Day 17: It’s Saint Patrick’s Day!!!

Everyone! guess what! ITS SAINT PATRICKS DAY!!!

So grab your best Saint Patrick’s Day hat and celebrate! Okay, I need to calm down, but I’m just so excited. To bad I don’t have a giant leprechaun hat to put on… but that’s okay.But today I’m going to be showing you… THE MOST AMAZING, AWESOMEST,BRILLIANT SPECTACULAR WAY TO CELEBRATING SAINT PATRICK’S DAY!!!!!

Okay, so maybe the name needs work,but still! Anyways so here are my top 5 ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. get yourself a leprechauns hat(OBVIOUSLY).
  2. Start pranking people in honor of the trickster leprechaun(A MINI APRIL FOOLS DAY).
  3. Bake something tasty to eat(YUM!).
  4. Invite friends over to hangout(HOORAY!).  And the most important thing ever in the history of Saint Patrick’s Day Is…(DRUMROLL PLEASE)…
  5. IS HAVING FUN!!!!!!!!!



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