SOL Day 14: Peace and Quiet…

Peace and quiet is VERY important to me. When I want to focus, have time to my self or what-not, I plop down onto my favorite chair with (sometimes) a blanket. When I don’t get any peace or quiet, I can get very annoyed. Like say suppose I go to my room to read,I really can’t because everyone is talking so LOUD downstairs! seriously though, why are all the older people so loud, that I can here them talking downstairs, when I’m upstairs in my room, even when my bedroom door is closed. Okay, that is a long run-on sentence. But peace and quiet is really convenient when you are left home alone while the rest of your family is going shopping or what-not.However its a bit uncommon that your parents let you stay home all alone. Can you see why peace and quiet is important to me now? I hope so. Now, I feel like I’ve been rambling on and on forever, so I’ll stop now and let YOU have some PEACE AND QUIET TOO!!!

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