SOL Day 23: IT’s Almost SPRING BREAK!!!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Everyone guess what! Tomorrow is spring break! That means 24 hours until spring break.That means 1,440 minutes until spring break.That means 86,400 seconds till spring break. So everyone get out your clocks and count down the seconds till its time for spring break.Spring break means no homework, no school, and a lot of fun! this week and a day will be the best week and a day ever! Meaning…

  1. That I get to be a couch potato for a week and a day.
  2. I will get to have a bunch of days I can stay up late at night.
  3. I will have a lot more time to watch TV.

P.s I won’t be doing the slice of life challenge anymore, so instead I’ll do Slice of Life Tuesdays and blog every Tuesday.

SOL Day 20:Patience is my Greatest Weakness

Look I’m very sorry for not blogging yesterday, but to make things up I’m blogging today. Anyhow let me tell you about yesterday.

So today I had a Vex-Robotics, my robotics club, after school. Our goal (in my group)is to make our robot go through a labyrinth to the end. To take test runs, we need all the lights of our controller and robot to be green. But however, all the lights started turning red and blinking. “Why are all the lights red?” One of my teammates asked.

“Maybe it needs to be updated.” Another of my teammates said.

A few minutes later, my teammates and I updated the program tool. However, it had no effect. So I went ahead and asked our instructor about the lights. He said that the batteries were probably not charged. So we went ahead and started charging the batteries. The batteries took a lot more time to charge than I thought. Literally, it took FOREVER for the batteries to get charged. Unfortunately patience is my greatest weakness. I literally don’t have a single drop of patience in my body. When It was time to leave, our instructor told us to go leave our batteries and chargers behind so he can charge them.

SOL Day 18: Face Masks

Today, me and my Mom went ahead and did some face masks. First, you had to make the cleanser, then the face scrub, next the moisturizer, and then the actual face mask. It’s a long process, but it’s worth it. We actually made turmeric(a spice) face masks and it really does improve your skin and surprisingly for turmeric being a spice, it doesn’t burn you skin when you put the cream near your eyes. it was really fun anyway,though we did make a bit of a mess. Note to self: next time I do a face mask, get an extra absorbent roll of paper towels. Anyway everybody, Its HIGH TIME I go and say goodbye so…GOODBYE!!!!!

SOL Day 17: It’s Saint Patrick’s Day!!!

Everyone! guess what! ITS SAINT PATRICKS DAY!!!

So grab your best Saint Patrick’s Day hat and celebrate! Okay, I need to calm down, but I’m just so excited. To bad I don’t have a giant leprechaun hat to put on… but that’s okay.But today I’m going to be showing you… THE MOST AMAZING, AWESOMEST,BRILLIANT SPECTACULAR WAY TO CELEBRATING SAINT PATRICK’S DAY!!!!!

Okay, so maybe the name needs work,but still! Anyways so here are my top 5 ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. get yourself a leprechauns hat(OBVIOUSLY).
  2. Start pranking people in honor of the trickster leprechaun(A MINI APRIL FOOLS DAY).
  3. Bake something tasty to eat(YUM!).
  4. Invite friends over to hangout(HOORAY!).  And the most important thing ever in the history of Saint Patrick’s Day Is…(DRUMROLL PLEASE)…
  5. IS HAVING FUN!!!!!!!!!



SOL Day 16: Where is my homework?

 I had homework that was due today, but unfortunately I forgot about it. Fortunately, my teacher gave me a second chance, to bring back my homework next A Day. The bad part is that I don’t know where my homework is? Is it in my locker? NO. The Lost and Found near the 6th grade lockers? NO. Is it at home? Not sure. OH, WHERE IS MY HOMEWORK!!!!!

SOL Day15:National Walk Out Day

Yesterday was National Walk Out Day. National Walk Out Day was made to honor/pray for 17 students/school staff members that had been killed due to gun violence. To celebrate National Walk Out Day, people went right out of class outside to pray for the people that died and protest against gun violence. However the consequence for us students is lunch detention. You know, during my 1-2 block, some people started walking out of the building. for what reason, I didn’t know back then! Then some classmates started saying if you walk out, you get an suspension! Everything was cleared up when my teacher started explaining EVERYTHING. Only then did the puzzle pieces began to fit.

SOL Day 14: Peace and Quiet…

Peace and quiet is VERY important to me. When I want to focus, have time to my self or what-not, I plop down onto my favorite chair with (sometimes) a blanket. When I don’t get any peace or quiet, I can get very annoyed. Like say suppose I go to my room to read,I really can’t because everyone is talking so LOUD downstairs! seriously though, why are all the older people so loud, that I can here them talking downstairs, when I’m upstairs in my room, even when my bedroom door is closed. Okay, that is a long run-on sentence. But peace and quiet is really convenient when you are left home alone while the rest of your family is going shopping or what-not.However its a bit uncommon that your parents let you stay home all alone. Can you see why peace and quiet is important to me now? I hope so. Now, I feel like I’ve been rambling on and on forever, so I’ll stop now and let YOU have some PEACE AND QUIET TOO!!!

SOL Day 13: Building A Robot

Yesterday, I had a club named VEX ROBOTICS. It’s a club where you go build and program robots with a team and design it to help solve a maze. My team finished building our robot and now were starting to program it.Coding is hard work, but if you have the instructions,it’s easy. After we finish programming our robot, its gonna be so cool! We just need to start downloading the programs with the USB stick, start typing the code, start doing test runs and everything! I just realized that I’m probably typing stuff that makes no sense to you. Well, lets just say I’m building a robot. Anyhow see you later!

SOL Day 12: School , Scmool

School has been great. Just you know…school scmool. Everything is perfect, just perfect as life should be…. Well this is awkward… I don’t know what to write about my life. I mean, I had P.E, didn’t break my leg in that. Then I had English, didn’t run out of ink like I usually do. Next I had Keyboarding, and I surprisingly didn’t tire my little fingers at the end of the block like I usually do, so that went fine. Finally I had science and I didn’t fracture my brain during all those science questions, so that went fine. Over all I had a bland school, scmool day with lots of homework awaiting me. GREAT.

SOL Day 11: So…I guess I kind have failed



OK, deep breaths, its okay just relax an count to 10. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10. Okay, no more meltdowns. Just calm, relaxing typing. Now all I need to do is tell you about yesterday. Well yesterday, me and my parents went shopping, went to the library to pick out books and everything. So that was my peaceful weekend Sunday. Nice, isn’t it? Now, lets talk about the SOL Challenge. I guess I kind have failed about do a SOL everyday of March, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to be blogging SOL’S until the end of March. I’m still gonna continue TRYING TO BLOG EVERYDAY but I guess not as a challenge anymore. And about this forgetting curse, I need some comments and help basically telling me how I can prevent this in the future. Because I DO.NOT.WANT.THIS.TO.HAPPEN.AGAIN. Its the most annoying thing in the universe. SO please help me!!!!