The Impossible Case of Boredom

Detectives, cop’s and sleuths have cracked so many cases in their times, but there is an impossible case that has remained unbreakable for many centuries. In fact this case strikes fear into people’s hearts when they even hear the name.It’s called…The Impossible Case of Boredom.Yes, you’ve heard me right but this is no joke. Its ALL serious. But I am going to solve The Impossible Case of Boredom. Yep I will! Now your probably wondering how will I solve this case if its…well, impossible! Well I actually ALREADY cracked the case, I’m just going to be sharing with you. You can’t technically find the cure for boredom but to find it for yourself, your going to find out what you do to prevent boredom. To me it’s watching TV, but sometimes you might get bored with your own cure. I guess you can say this is how far, most authorities have been to so far. The Impossible Case of Boredom really is impossible isn’t it?

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