Slice of Life Challenge+Slice of Life Tuesdays!

I have a BIG announcement to make everyone. Actually, two big announcements but that’s besides the point.

  1. I will be participating in the Slice of Life Challenge which means I will be blogging all through March, sharing a slice of my life with you.
  2. Every Tuesday, I will share a slice of my life.

The Slice of Life Challenge will interfere with my Slice of Life Tuesdays during March , so I will just do the Slice of Life Challenge during March and will just do Slice of Life Tuesdays after March. I hope this Is enough information to help you get a rough idea when I will blog.

More S’mores S’more Me!

During science today we did a s’more experiment. I’ve actually never made a s’more before and was excited to try it out. We got this pan-oven to heat the marshmallows. Once we’ve roasted the marshmallows we plopped it down on the graham crackers with the chocolate. Our s’mores were so gooey and sticky. The marshmallow kept on sticking to my fingers as I ate. But overall it was pretty tasty, not bad at all for my first try huh?


Just go on and give me some MORE S’MORES S’MORE ME!!!!!!!!!

The Impossible Case of Boredom

Detectives, cop’s and sleuths have cracked so many cases in their times, but there is an impossible case that has remained unbreakable for many centuries. In fact this case strikes fear into people’s hearts when they even hear the name.It’s called…The Impossible Case of Boredom.Yes, you’ve heard me right but this is no joke. Its ALL serious. But I am going to solve The Impossible Case of Boredom. Yep I will! Now your probably wondering how will I solve this case if its…well, impossible! Well I actually ALREADY cracked the case, I’m just going to be sharing with you. You can’t technically find the cure for boredom but to find it for yourself, your going to find out what you do to prevent boredom. To me it’s watching TV, but sometimes you might get bored with your own cure. I guess you can say this is how far, most authorities have been to so far. The Impossible Case of Boredom really is impossible isn’t it?

Art supplies+Me=Messy hands

I like art supplies always have, always will.Okay, I lied BIG-TIME.

Truth is, I’m addicted to art supplies.Sadly, there is a down-side to this. Specifically speaking, there is a high complex disease AND equation to describe this downside. The disease is called (drum-roll please)…

MESSY-HANDS-ITIS. The equation is(drum-roll please AGAIN)…


What can I say here? Is that there is no cure…

Why can’t I NOT be sleepy?

I feel like this past week I haven’t been having the GREATEST sleep schedule. Translation: I have been very tired this week. So yeah, everything’s just been tiring lately. Thing is I have ZERO idea why I’m so sleepy these days. At least I can’t get sleep depression or some other thing. Fortunately their is some cures for this:

  1. Splash a bucket of cold water on your face.
  2. Get a better sleep schedule
  3. Stop tossing and turning for about one hour and just SLEEP!

I just need to start doing those things. Sadly that might be impossible, if I can’t do any of that in the next BILLION hours!!!!!

Sports; My WORST nightmare!

Sports are basically my worst nightmare.Why?! Well before I say why, I want to make one thing clear. I actually enjoy sports like hockey and soccer. But what I don’t enjoy is that every single person in the world seems to know every single sports team in the world including their stats.Basically, everyone except me. So when the Super Bowl comes around, or there was a great game last night people start talking about different sports and different players that I don’t know about. When people start asking me about ‘Who’s your favorite football player?’ or ‘Who’s team do you think is going to win, Eagle’s or Patriot’s?’ I kinda just say the first thing of sports that comes to my mind. I’m honestly just deaf to the sports world. If you came to this blog to read sports, you’ve come to the wrong place.

6th Grade Lifestyle

In 6th grade you:

  • Do homework
  • Learn lessons
  • Talk to friends


  • Write 24/7

At least that’s what it feels like. But then again, like all the other years of schooling we:

  • Do homework
  • Learn lessons
  • Talk to friends


  • Write 24/7

Oh, I almost forgot! One more thing we do in both 6th grade and in all of our other years is:

  • Making lists

We students have very interesting lives.