Most people thing that snakes are cruel

But I happen to think that they’re pretty cool


Snakes can be playful and fun

And they never weigh more than a ton


They slither around

With sun glinting of their scales

And did you know rattlesnake rattles

are the same material as our fingernails? 


In conclusion, snakes are really great

And they can live to be older than eight!


Stamps, stamps, stamps
You press them down on your hands

You also use them on important papers
Because they get sent to important people later

But there are times when the ink gets all over you,
And it may look like you are turning blue!

But overall, stamps are pretty fun,
So if you ever need to write a letter, you’ll need a stamp
Then you’re done!

Math Homework

Math homework
You torment me
With all your questions
And impossible answers

But why?

Math homework
You teach me
Because of you,
I learn
And bloom

Math homework
You cause me to suffer
And you enlighten me

You are good and bad
Black and white
Left and right

Math homework
You are bitter- sweet.

Everyday Sounds

Whoosh! Goes a car as it speeds by,
If they’re in a rush, I’m not sure why.

Honk! Goes the horn of a thousand cars,
Stuck in traffic ‘till they see the stars!

Rustle! Goes a paper as students take a test,
I really do hope that they do their best!

Squeak! Goes the sound of shoes on a court,
The kids must be playing a fun team sport.

These are the sounds I hear everyday,
As well as robins, cardinals, and perhaps a bluejay.


Poetry Is…

Today in english class, we had an attendance question which read, ‘Poetry Is…’. There were so many different answers, some positive, some negative; some sentences, some single word answers.

This inspired me to write a poem, so I used a lot of these different answers to write one. I hope you enjoy!

Poetry is…
Like sunshine
A dream
How I express myself

Poetry is…
Something I wish never existed

Poetry is…
Like a waterfall, it flows and ripples
Like jellybeans because there are many different types
A way to relax
Like a voice singing out to me

Poetry is many different things
To many different people

Nature’s Sounds

Shhhhhh…do you hear that? That is the gentle sound of water trickling over rocks. I love listening to the sounds of nature, but I think my favorites are rain and the sound of water in a stream.

Whenever I go camping, I love to stay up at night and listen to the sounds of nature, from the sound of crickets chirping to the soft rustle of the leaves in the trees. Sometimes I like to just sit on my porch and read with mother nature’s music playing in the wind.

Do you have a favorite sound? Comment what it is!

My Travel List

Are there any places in the world that you’ve just been dying to go to? Here are all the places that I’d like to see.

  • Athens, Greece
  • Rome, Italy
  • Alaska, U.S.A.
  • Alcatraz Island, California, U.S.A.
  • September 11 Memorial, New York, U.S.A.
  • Texas, U.S.A.
  • Taj Mahal, Agra, India